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  1. I actually worked in few organizations that have people's personal info and their stuff are just flying around.....so i know there is no such thing as secure.....so I would rather be skeptical to what can be released by not giving up the chance for a good application. good luck to you as well Musahi
  2. yes thats when it becomes licensing I understand that. I am just bringing up concern, I am not saying that they should not request info like that. I am just trying to make a BALANCE between the two protecting my personal info and try to get the application done. I know a lot of licensing authorities request info like that they wanted to make sure licensed people are reliable etc..... this is because I got harassed by private message but i like to keep the post stay positive. Good luck everyone
  3. Thanks albertabean for clarifying. I agree with you admissions committees are very discreet. And like what tagger said it is applicant #xxx. I am wondering if application will go directly to them or it will pass through other staff...(but I guess I can't think too much) plus what if the OLSAS system being hacked? etc... and I think Canuckfanatic answered my question. Thank you . (Just a side note even zoom was being hacked too. People can jump to the meeting in zoom without permission. But I guess now they improved.) I create this post to see if anyone has similar concern when they are doing the application or leave the verifier "N/A" Seriously, if you have a perfect life and still in university of course you don't have much to worry about. You probably just have your previous volunteer supervisor or a professor to write you reference etc. Please do not send me a message like if you do not feel comfortable don't apply! This forum suppose to encourage people to discuss concern and exchange ideas.
  4. sorry this may sound a bit silly but I have this concern and need some input regarding the information you provide for law school application. My conflict is I know law school wants to know more (almost everything) about you but since "info" are put in their database. My doubt is it will pass through a lot of people before getting to the admission committee. I assume the admission committee will keep it confidential but there is always bad guy out there. So I am a bit conservative in laying out all the things in detail on the application......and it is quite hard to pick and choose what to include, what is not and to what extend. They are pretty much tide together to make today's "ME". e.g. in the sketch..can i put N/A in the verifier? Resume list your work experience.....and personal statement list your background.......pretty much the whole package....my whole life is there..... Anyone has the same doubt or is it matter to you? or have anyone suspect info was stolen through this application process? Also when you have someone proof read for you, how do you delicate the stuff to them to proof read? do you know them well personally or the stuff is being divided so they don't know the whole thing about you? feel to to PM me if you do not want to post on the forum. thanks a lot. 😄
  5. In the OLSAS application under sketch/verifier , click help, it mentioned Note: OLSAS cannot advise you on your ABS. You are expected to use your own judgment in completing it. If you have specific questions about the content of your ABS that are not covered by the instructions provided, contact the law schools for further guidance. and from some of the old postings in this forum and some schools' information session, I think you can create it the way you want to present. They want to see how well you present and organize the stuff. I completely erase mine after and type it in excel before listed one by one again into the sketch. It display the same sequence as you entered. they do not sort it by date or let you to move around. Anyone please correct me if I am wrong as I am filling out the application as well for this cycle. Thanks
  6. it is a bit off topic, most of the line of credit or even mortgages are callable loans which means the bank or the financial institution can pull back at anytime. I don't know much about the PSLOC, I imagine it is like another line of credit, so it will be base on your credit score and your repay power. I am not trying to increase another level of anxiety but that's what the reality is. That's why now the govt is trying to ask the bank to allow defer mortgage payment etc....but keep making payment is a good sign for the bank to consider call you the last if they do.
  7. For those already in Law School: Can someone kindly provide some example of how diversity/ life experience/ different perspective come into place to enrich the class discussion? e.g. why law school would like you to show your leadership skills? experience? award etc.... I never attend a class or lecture for law so when I heard something like student with different background and perspective will benefit the discussion.....I cannot imagine how that benefit the study of law. Any input is great so I can get a better picture of what to include in the personal statement. Maybe something that is minor to me but it is "good to know" for law school. many thanks
  8. I agree with MountainMon too. I also think that because the May June July Aug LSAT do not count into the retake limit. so people can take it and like what you said the flex make it easier for people to take the test. so i am not surprise the number of total test taker increase. In addition, i agree that with this economy situation who wants to take that kind of debt if they already struggle with the job market or just finish their undergrad. it will take them forever to pay back. For those that are not living in the GTA, the cost of living (housing) is quite high. If you are lucky get admitted to U of T ($35,000/yr) + living in downtown condo by yourself (start $2000/m), there is no way any kind of loan can pay for that for 3 years. I am hoping it is going to be less competitive for this cycle.
  9. is Canada same proportion of applicant increase as the US i.e. 30%? I am selfishly hoping that classes will be online for 2021/2022 then portion of the applicants will defer because of the tuition really not worth for online only especially in Ontario or banks are not providing financing to students........so the pool will shrink a bit........ I will still go if I get admitted somewhere even if it is online.....
  10. i have the same question. what is actually worth to mention in the CV for application? it can't be the whole life job experiences.... it is kind of duplicate from the sketch as well. also for example if you run your own business, worth to mentioned the project ? skills or experience relate to law?? any inputs or format that can share is great thanks
  11. The above post is worth to read contact OLSAS if you are not sure, everyone's situation maybe different. you definitely don't want to mess up with the transcript
  12. I have a very low embarrass LSAT score and planning to reach high 150s to even break 160 for Nov. I have no problem exchanging ideas etc and stupid questions. I think it is also helpful to more like a mental relieve. (my family start getting sick to hear I talked about LSAT) By email only. I am going to set up an anonymous email for myself to LSAT study only anyone is interested please pm me. I don't have lots of money to pay for private tutor to do that. High scorer welcome but I am starting at a very low point right now. thanks
  13. 100% agree it was hard...not even talking about now you need to use that GPA for law school.... I wonder if the law school admission committee knows that. Half of the class in the final was failed.
  14. i just tried to reach the university , it was like hell, seems like all of them are very busy these days......
  15. i had done a lot of exams licensing, i think LSAT is not similar to taking exam like undergrad. I am not expert and not good in LSAT but for me Intensely study in the last week probably wont work. If you work full time maybe start taking bit by bit from now till next year. I think this would be fine.
  16. to pump this post up. I also called OLSAS to clarify some other concerns that I have, they are very helpful and patience. So if anyone encounter any issue with filling out the form, just give them a call. They also reminds me that for those institutions that cannot be order transcript directly from OLSAS, (if under the transcript section the institution is not listed there), make sure those institution have their transcript send and received by OLSAS before the deadline. make sure you get your student number correct And they provide additional info for how to send it to etc... good luck everyone
  17. did you get the $99 bundle from LSAC? whole bunch of PT there that you will never ran out of.....it is digital which is very similar to the actual test setting. I find it very useful. If you want to save time maybe hire a tutor to tell you the tricks and all that so you can save some time while in your last year?
  18. i read it at another post , i think it really depends how you frame it, i think it is up to your own judgement for anyone interest to know. i think i would just go creative on that.
  19. ya i read that too but still very unclear of those courses that I took totally unacademic in colleges after graduation. Anyways i mentioned it in the sketch anyways so may as well put it there and let them order the transcript....which is a whole lot
  20. i understand it is an old post but I have the same question. If this is what it is going to appear, i better type in excel before I enter them? so time consuming too. I dont even know what to include or not to include, they are sounds important to me and shape me how I am. any inputs ?
  21. what about travel history ? can i put in the sketch in other category?
  22. will they actually call or email the verifier? so i should give them a heads up? i just find that it is odd i have to tell all the previous work places that i am applying to law school!! anyone encounter similar situation? thanks
  23. I tried to search online and on this forum can't find anything so I started this topic, for academic background in OLSAS application, do you need to enter everything that you took in a formal college or institution there? for example, let say you took some college courses after you graduate for fun which is totally unrelated to your degree or law. Do you need to enter those there? Anyone has similar situation that took some courses for licensing etc(those program need to have post secondary education to enter) ...do you need to enter those info under academic and request for transcript? or just strictly undergrad or grad thanks another stupid question again
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