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  1. Hi Im a freshman at YorkU whos pursuing a BA degree (BUSO). I'm thinking of changing my major and i have different interests at different fields with respect to the amount of passion i have to each field. My plan is to pursue a law school after i accomplish my four years at Uni, but my main concern at this moment is assessing my major. Since my plan is to pursue a law degree in the future the question here is, how effective is the major for the law school future? In other words, i'm thinking of changing my major to accounting, marketing, or any other field that somehow is safer and better for the future and at the same time i have some passion for it but for the future i want to become a criminal lawyer *SO* should i make criminology as my major thus i'll be well prepared with a good background on the criminal law for the JD program or should i take a safer and stronger bachelor degree (acounting, marketing) so i secure myself better for the future and later on i pursue my JD program and take criminal law? I hope this was clear Best Regards ::)
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