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  1. Does anybody know if they actually reject people who are applying to transfer or do they just let the clock run out until we start classes again later this summer? I heard theres a possibility that people get accepted to transfer even in September but idk if this is true or not
  2. Has anyone been in touch with admissions about when the rest of us can expect to hear back from them?
  3. Congrats!! Were you accepted on compassionate grounds or based on merit?
  4. Re: Midterm grades - my law school sent us a midterm grade chart that the LSO said would be used during OCIs. But this was before OCIs were pushed back to later this year so idk whether this is even useful anymore. I never submitted a midterm grade chart with my transfer app and idk about your schools but I only have final grades on my transcript (no midterm grades from December bc of school policy). EDIT: final grades meaning a final p/f to determine if we passed or failed the course I'm surprised to hear that some Ontario law schools allowed for pass/fail to be optional because I was under the impression that it would be mandatory for every law school in ON. I wish my school let us do that bc I worked my a*s off this year and having final grades would have been a huge advantage
  5. Ahh thats fair. How does it feel to be finally accepted? It feels like this transfer situation has been going on forever for me....lol
  6. Thank you so much for this info. Lots of us are waiting patiently to hear back from Osgoode- especially those of us applying on compassionate grounds. Wishing you all the best in your 1L year EDIT: do you know how many spots are available for transfer? Did they mention that?
  7. Woohoooo! Congrats! I'm guessing your law school didn't implement a mandatory pass/fail this semester so you were able to use your 1L marks to get in- wish I could do the same!
  8. Idk what Dal means but I appreciate your insight- especially hearing about your classmate that was able to transfer on compassionate grounds. It gives me hope that perhaps I'll be viewed more holistically as well. Hope you have a good day and take care!
  9. As I mentioned I don't have grades on my law transcript due to mandatory pass/fail - you said Osgoode requires a B- average to get in and they'd be using undergraduate grades....so I was asking about what a B- translates to in percentage for that reason
  10. What does that translate to in terms of percentage?
  11. Can you speak at all to how "holistic" the transfer process really is at Osgoode? My undergrad/LSAT grades aren't amazing, but as I said I do have compelling grounds for transferring. I'm happy to hear your classmate was able to transfer as well
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