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  1. Hello! This might be a bit of a silly question but I rarely had to buy textbooks for my undergrad and was wondering if that's gonna be a major cost in 1L. I was always able to find a PDF online or the class relied only on scholarly articles, etc. Also, if textbooks are required, is there any reason to ever bring them to class? (asking as a future commuting student with a bad back already haha)
  2. Haha, it's been days since I've posted so I don't know if anyone has the answer 😅 I didn't see anyone say they got an offer with the first round of acceptances and I'd expect there to be at least one... so maybe not?
  3. I'm deciding between these two schools as well, except I'm from Vancouver! I absolutely love it but I have spent my entire life here, so wondering if Toronto is the right choice for a change (a very expensive change at that). Thanks to everyone who has already contributed their experiences to the thread, super helpful to read through
  4. Got the call this morning! OLSAS GPA: 3.88 LSAT: 173
  5. Did anyone receive a scholarship with their acceptance today or know how UBC typically handles awards? Are they offered in the summer after the class is confirmed?
  6. Got the email about an hour ago! LSAT: 173 GPA: 88.9 (self calculated with drops) Applied first week of Nov, current 4th year student
  7. Does anyone know when entrance scholarship offers are extended?
  8. Notified via email this morning! cGPA: 3.87 LSAT: 173 In queue Nov. 26th
  9. Just got the call! Applied in first week of Nov Self-calculated GPA with drops: 4.08, LSAT: 173 Current 4th year and I did receive an entrance scholarship
  10. Congrats to you both!! I was wondering if either of you would be able to share a bit more information on the scholarship as I know all schools do it differently. Were they able to tell you the exact amount or just a minimum amount for now?
  11. LOL, you didn’t frantically submit OLSAS applications on Oct. 31 and finish other apps throughout the week too, did you?? Nice to know someone else is in the same boat, fingers crossed we hear something soon!
  12. Oh okay, thanks so much! I tried to forget about my applications for a week or two after submitting them but after receiving other portal logins, realized UBC still hadn't reached out. I'll keep an eye on the inbox! That's true, I assumed it was something along those lines as well. Yeah I thought about emailing but hoped someone here had already done it to get a quicker response haha.
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