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  1. Oh I see. That makes sense then. Ya the calculator is useless . Best bet is always to check the schools current class profile stats breakdown and to read the scores posted on the accepted thread. Combined, these sources provide the best picture about probability of admit
  2. Why would his chances at these schools be this low when he’s on the B2 and LSAT mark for both these schools ?
  3. I also explained my situation regarding having a low average LSAT but a high one time score. And I was assured it is fine as they rank/focus on just the highest this time around. The link above is from 3 years ago. A lot has changed since then. It makes perfect sense as well that they would change it. With flex transition a lot more people are retaking the test. (See LSAC Test reports for reference). If you also check out the admitted thread there are plenty of people with low average LSATs but a high one time LSAT (160+) that got admitted first round. So you should be fine. Best of luck!! @Syndicate03
  4. I actually specifically asked about how they order files in my question and this is what they responded with. If it mattered they would have said it
  5. Hey just an update for you. I asked Queens this morning about their policy and they actually said that for ranking or admissibility. “We look at your top two years and your highest LSAT achieved; we do not focus on average LSAT.” Possibly a change is policy with LSAT FLEX having no retake limits until August which makes sense. Anyways best of luck
  6. That is actually a good point. I know I said when the economy goes down applications goes up (and past data has shown that) HOWEVER I did not consider the fact that schools will be online instead of in person. Many people who value networking and in person aspect of classes might not find it worthwhile this cycle as compared to past "recession" cycles.
  7. I had the same worry and I received some great advice from posters on this website and one from this post (Hi LickyCharm!). So long as you meet the average B2 and LSAT that they have on their website you are fine, regardless of average. I even heard that with Flex test changes and retake limits removed they will be more lax on average as many are doing LSAT retakes
  8. I actually think the increase in LSAT is because of how it is easier, more convenient (at home) and an overall shorter test. Plus they removed the re-take limit until August so the increase is expected. Regarding how applications will fare its anyone's guess. Usually though in economic downturns applications to graduate schools go up (Look @ 2008). Thought MBA is the one that gets the biggest bump so does law school. However, this economic downturn is unlike any other. With recessions and depressions you can go to school for 2-3 years and when you come out the economy's recovered. However, with this Covid the end is not clear. My advice to myself (based on the great advice of people on this forum) is don't worry and carry on doing your best.
  9. Ok eveyone. You’re all right. I have to focus now and not worry. Life goes on and there are more important things. @TheMidnightOil has a great point and only now I finally understand what he means so thanks again and thank you all! It means a lot and it’s given me a new mindset, a much needed one that is 🙏🏿❤️. I’m sorry for all these posts. Quarantine, life and being alone has got the better of me and because of what you all said I won’t let it push me down any further. Life goes on
  10. So am I still in good chances despite my low average LSAT and potential for having my application viewed towards the very end? Thanks again. BTW I have great softs so maybe that's worth a dime
  11. Not really. I was taking courses that were mandatory and not specialized course which I liked. However, I greatly improved and had all A range grades at a full course load in my last and best 2 years for my honours degree. I also was heavily involved in student life in the first two years which chipped away at my academics but I got better at time management in the last 2 years as well.
  12. Wow really ?!! If so then you’ve made my day. I thought I was 99% done for. Thank you
  13. Yes the B2 of 3.83 is per OLSAS scale. Though different from my cGpa which is around a 3.30.
  14. Unfortunately my cGPA is not great despite my B2. It’s somewhere around a 3.30. I like your username but I think my faith is sealed then
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