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  1. Yes please. I booked my interview too. Any tips will be appreciated.
  2. Got selected for the Interview process too. Super excited 😊
  3. I want to know if any one else has any experience with this. I am considering doing my J.D at university of Oregon and hoping to practice there after my degree and potentially settling down in Oregon too. My question is how can I get a work permit to work as a lawyer? I cant seem to find much Info online. Any response will be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Thank you. I am in my 2nd year undergrad. I’ve had a few stops from when I was 20-28 (presently) I’ve been managing my family business since I was 20 and had many domestic obligations because of which I couldn’t do school full time. I did volunteering at access pro bono and also some mentor ship roles in my university. I was able to build some connections through access pro bono. I did a lot of admin work there. Through which I got this job offer. One of the lawyers I was volunteering with works at this firm. you could always apply for a floater position which almost every law firms hires for. It’s basically reception and legal admin mix role. But before that I would say volunteer at access pro bono, where you work for lawyers and fill out there paper work and build connections.
  5. One of my profs is asking me to draft the reference and have it signed from them. I am not sure how to do it? My other referees did it on their own. Can any one tell me how to go about it? Thanks in advance
  6. Can any one look at my PS too? For now it’s only fir Ryerson and Windsor.
  7. Hi Guys i just got a job offer as a legal assistant from a mid sized law firm. I am applying for Ryerson and Windsor and the application is due November 1. Now I am wondering since this job starts mid November, I want to include it to my resume for these law schools. Should I be doing it? Can I mention this in my resume with the start date on it?
  8. Lsh92


    Yes I am aware of this and I applied mature. Haven’t heard anything yet.
  9. Lsh92


    I am in BC and I am interested in Dal.
  10. Lsh92


    No that was not my closing point. I didn’t mention anything in regards to continuing my undergrad. How ever I did explain why I am interested in pursuing law and how I will be an asset to the profession. I obviously can’t go into details but starting a business at 20 with my new husband and having it become a successful award winning business with all my struggles and responsibilities through out would count for something I thought. I never thought I would get accepted but atleast wait listed or an interview. I have a better sense of judgment now. I will obviously work towards my undergrad and improve my Lsat score.
  11. Lsh92


    Thanks for the input.
  12. Lsh92


    Hi ofcourse i understand I need to demonstrate aptitude and have good grades no excuses there. The problem with my current undergrad is I took up a wrong set of courses and I don’t enjoy studying those and I know for sure the more I advance in this undergrad the more chances are there of me not scoring well. Me working a full time job and working towards an associates degree (decent gpa) won’t this be considered for admission in the future?
  13. Lsh92


    Hi thank you for answering my questions. I am hoping to start an associates degree with courses I feel I will enjoy. The associates degree is worth 67 credits. If I were to get a decent gpa say 3.5 and up in this degree with a better Lsat score will they only use my associates degree only to evaluate my application? And my 1.94 gpa will be ignored?
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