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  1. Lsh92


    Yes I am aware of this and I applied mature. Haven’t heard anything yet.
  2. Lsh92


    I am in BC and I am interested in Dal.
  3. Lsh92


    No that was not my closing point. I didn’t mention anything in regards to continuing my undergrad. How ever I did explain why I am interested in pursuing law and how I will be an asset to the profession. I obviously can’t go into details but starting a business at 20 with my new husband and having it become a successful award winning business with all my struggles and responsibilities through out would count for something I thought. I never thought I would get accepted but atleast wait listed or an interview. I have a better sense of judgment now. I will obviously work towards my undergrad and improve my Lsat score.
  4. Lsh92


    Thanks for the input.
  5. Lsh92


    Hi ofcourse i understand I need to demonstrate aptitude and have good grades no excuses there. The problem with my current undergrad is I took up a wrong set of courses and I don’t enjoy studying those and I know for sure the more I advance in this undergrad the more chances are there of me not scoring well. Me working a full time job and working towards an associates degree (decent gpa) won’t this be considered for admission in the future?
  6. Lsh92


    Hi thank you for answering my questions. I am hoping to start an associates degree with courses I feel I will enjoy. The associates degree is worth 67 credits. If I were to get a decent gpa say 3.5 and up in this degree with a better Lsat score will they only use my associates degree only to evaluate my application? And my 1.94 gpa will be ignored?
  7. Lsh92


    I am an immigrant. I came to Canada in 2010 when I was 19. I got married and came to Canada. I worked in my family business since 2011. I have only completed 34 credits in undergrad with a very low GPA or 1.94. I wrote the Lsat in November 2019 and scored 152 applied access in quite a few schools. I got rejected and still waiting to hear from one school. I really thought after reading my personal statement and references I will be at least wait listed but I guess that’s not the case. Can any one of you guys guide me what to do? Should I focus on improving my gpa and then write the Lsat again? Or will a significantly higher Lsat be sufficient. Say late 160’s-170? Any feedback will be appreciated.
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