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  1. I got the email this week!! I was so shocked. I feel like I just submitted the application. L2: 3.6 LSAT:162, 84th percentile BA, MPP, good work experience, strong ECs and very multicultural background. Multilingual and tons of experience living abroad.
  2. My application still says Ready for Review and i am trying not to get inpatient but i am quite nervous. I got advice from professors and current law student at McGill to apply regardless of my knowledge of French. I took one french course and can say a few words but that is it! I speak Spanish and can understand written French much more than i can speak. I am getting quite anxious if i get called for an interview or straight up rejected. Is anyone else in a similar situation?
  3. @rio Do you speak French and did you have an interview? and when did you apply? My application still says RFR
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