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  1. Other than Ottawa's, and University of MontrĂ©al, UQAM, Laval, and Sherbrooke. 😉 Edit: I made a big big mistake.... those are all civil schools.... whooopps
  2. Just received an email from McGill, it seems they are planning on in-person for fall 2021. "As we enter the final weeks of an extraordinary academic year, questions have naturally been raised about plans for 2021-2022. We write to confirm that McGill will return to in-person teaching beginning in Fall 2021. While some components of courses will harness the pedagogical benefits of online teaching, students and teaching staff should plan for a return to more regular rhythms of on-campus academic activity by September." I am very ready for life to be more normal.
  3. I'll add that a few people seemed to be undecided. So I wouldn't assume that all 60ish people will ultimately accept. For mature students: there were only 4 people in our mature students breakout room. The moderator mentioned that there are around 25 matures students in his year. Not sure if you can draw any helpful insights from this information. As for content. Day 1 was very similar to the 2020 orientation content on the law website https://www.mcgill.ca/law-studies/bcljd-studies/first-year-registration-orientation. Day 2 was mostly a Q&A with professors, current students, and then students in the same interest group (Mature, LGBTQ2I, Francophones, BIPOC, etc.).
  4. I'll be there. I will try to attend both days. I may have to multi-task (multi-zoom?) with some work meetings.
  5. The numbers come from the LSAC volume summaries from those specific years (PDF files at the bottom of the page). https://www.lsac.org/data-research/data/current-volume-summaries-region-raceethnicity-gender-identity-lsat-score I haven’t found a good description of how the LSAC gets their Canadian data. I imagine it excludes applicants to civil law schools. You’re right in that there are more seats now across the country. I dug out this data to answer the question, will applicant numbers be up again next year? And for how long? Based on what we saw after the Great Recession the answer seems to be yes. This years cycle is the first cycle since 2013-2014 cycle to break 7000 applicants. If you look at the famous LSAC 3/5 year summary charts it is a clear outlier (https://report.lsac.org/ThreeYearComparison.aspx). I think based on what we saw in the 2010-2013 cycles, next cycle will probably also have more than 7000 applicants. Answering the question of if the cycle will be more competitive is trickier. If one was very motivated I suppose you could go look at the medians for all those years at your school(s) of interest and see what effect the increase had. Adding Ryerson to the mix certainly will help put downward pressure on medians. I also read somewhere that Quebec medical schools increased the number of first year spots starting next year. If this true for other provinces, I wonder if it will alleviate some pressure from the law school application pool. Perhaps this is less of a trend in the ROC but I suspect there’s a good number of applicants in QC that apply to both programs (with law being their second choice).
  6. If you want pure speculation from someone grossly unqualified to answer your question, then the answer is 100% yes! As you can see from my expertly crafted table below, applications increased for a few years after the last global financial meltdown. Year Applicants Applications 2008-2009 6392 22985 2009-2010 6357 23167 2010-2011 7310 26697 2011-2012 7748 28483 2012-2013 7801 28816 2013-2014 7425 28639 2014-2015 6829 25982 2015-2016 6705 24812 2016-2017 6705 24356 2017-2018 6666 24358
  7. Je crois qu'ils vont commencer Ă  envoyer des offres bientĂŽt. J'ai eu une convocation Ă  la rĂ©daction (Évaluation de français Ă©crit, comme Ă©tudient anglophone) et dans le mail ils ont Ă©crit "Cette convocation s'adresse aux candidats en voie d'ĂȘtre formellement admis Ă  au moins un programme. Elle ne constitue pas un avis d'admission." Vue que j'ai fait une demande d'admission pour un seul programme, j'imagine que sa vas dire qu'ils ont commencĂ© Ă  prendre des dĂ©cisions sur les dossiers dĂ©jĂ  complets. Par-contre mon dossier est toujours "a l'Ă©tude" dans mon compte Ă©tudient.
  8. Fall 2021 - 75% in person Winter 2022 - 100% in person Barring some massive failure in the vaccine roll-out I don’t see a reason to have an online only semester. I personally think it would be safe to have students back even if they haven’t vaccinated our age group. The pressure on the hospitals should drop off significantly once the over 50 population is vaccinated.
  9. McGill Admissions are the only ones that can definitely answer your question. It is very easy to book an online meeting with them, though I suspect it will have to wait until mid-jan. I can add one data point, I applied mid-degree (about 8 years ago) and was rejected on may 15th. What it comes down to is if you will be done your degree or not. As artsydork has said your likelihood of admissions is very low if you will not have your degree. The dean of admissions has said they only admitted candidates without a completed undergraduate degree twice in the last 15-20 years. (Check out the workshop for reapplicants on the facs youtube channel, she talks about this around the 20 minute mark). The good news is, if you maintain your GPA you will definitely be competitive in future cycles, probably even for a scholarship. You should look into the McCall Macbain scholarship if you end up having to reapply after finishing your undergraduate degree. They are very generous. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  10. Presumably you will have more than 60 credits in September 2021? The website says: A university applicant to McGill's Faculty of Law must be on track to complete their degree or have a minimum of 60 credits of undergraduate studies before starting their law studies. (Not before applying!) If you will be done your degree by next September, having 57 credits now won’t change anything. If not, your chances will suffer. McGill doesn’t like to admit people that are midway through their undergraduate degree.
  11. Je crois que vous avez jusqu'Ă  mars pour faire la demande. https://www.apps.uqam.ca/Application/AdmissionEnLigne/Traitements/DatesLimites/AfficherDatesLimites.aspx?adm_web_code_centre=U&adm_web_cycle=1
  12. Christmas came early for me!! I cannot believe that I made it in the December round. I am such a keener I paid the 400$ deposit before my letter was available on Minerva LOL! Stats: Mature (Interesting non-legal work experience + Masters Degree) GPA: ~B+ LSAT: 171 In case it wasn't clear, I will be accepting 😄 Can't wait to meet you all!
  13. You should receive a second email with log-in information to the status checker. It could have possible gone to junk. In my cases it didn’t come through from the generic admissions email but from one of the admissions officers emails. If you didn’t get the email you’ll have to call or email them for this info. You can find the log-in page for the status checker under item 4 “check your status” on the how to apply page: https://allard.ubc.ca/programs/juris-doctor-jd-program/admissions/how-apply
  14. Open the LSAC link: https://report.lsac.org/VolumeSummaryOriginalFormat.aspx Click the question mark on the top right side of the page. FAQ should pop up, question 2 addresses data points with a asterisk.
  15. The LSAC does not provide numbers when there are less than 5 people in a given category, just a *. The * does not necessarily equal zero applicants. Click the question mark and see FAQ #2.
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