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  1. no these are for the 2020 cycle which means it was last cycle... this cycle is 2021...
  2. im just wondering if my peculiar situation would disadvantage me. I actually applied and have 90 credits and I am graduating next june, but only 60 of them are graded because my university (mcgill) gave me 30 advanced standing credits from my IB (HS) results so i essentially am doing a 4 year degree in 3 years. Has anyone been in the same boat as me ?
  3. are you in mcgill ? I think our 3 year degree is different from the ontario 3 year general degree. Our degree is 3 years because we recieved enough advanced standing from H.S to skip the first year. We essentially do a 120 credit degree but have 30 credits given to us on our transcript as 'transfer credits' from H.S
  4. exactly the same here. 0 idea how they gonna judge my 3 yr mcgill degree lol
  5. I am currently in my second year of university in a 3 year degree (first year was waived) and this is my schedule as of today. x1: 4xx x1:3xx x2:2xx x1:1xx Will this hamper my application to uoft ? Ive heard they consider course difficulty but im not sure whether this schedule is "too easy". thanks in advance !
  6. I skipped my first year of University due to having enough hs credits so can I apply to law school (Ontario) after I graduate from my 3 year degree or can I apply during my senior year. Thanks xx
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