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  1. Has anyone had any update from the university regarding the waitlist? I am assuming classes have started, and probability of movement is low, but I expected an email with a final rejection or something.
  2. Just checked uOZone, Status: Refused as of today (Sept 11). No email yet. Was on waitlist for a long while, at least I know for sure now.
  3. Rejected this morning by email. GPA 3.76 LSAT 153
  4. Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone else still waiting to hear back from different law schools with the usual deadline of July coming closer. Not knowing where my application lies while being so close to the deadline is stressing me out a little bit. Personally I am still waiting to hear back from University of Ottawa, Queen's, Osgoode Hall, and Ryerson. I have been rejected from U of T, Western, and Windsor, and have been on the waitlist for Lakehead since April 17th. Just wanted to know if anyone is in the same boat and how they are coping. Thanks!
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