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  1. Waitlisted today, no email just on UOzone. Access applicant. OLSAS CGPA 3.23, 158 LSAT, MA, Dual Sport Varsity.
  2. Rejected today. 3.55/4.0 L20, 158 LSAT, MA, Dual Sport Varsity Athlete.
  3. Starting this topic off!! 3.62/4.0 L2, 158, MA
  4. Waitlisted, TRU GPA: A- LSAT: 158
  5. While this could be an odd year, usually only up to about position 75-80 get offered from the original waitlist, then towards the end of July/beginning of August a new waitlist gets made with only Manitoba residents.
  6. Rejected today, Discretionary Application.
  7. It sucks what’s happening, would honestly not be surprised seeing both Alberta and Calgary having tuition at close to 16,000 in the foreseeable future.
  8. It could be @toasty stats were just high enough they accepted you as a Regular Applicant?
  9. When I emailed about this in late February Michelle from Admissions said: Decisions for applicants in the special category are made later in the process, usually in May.
  10. Discretionary! So it could be that they’re going thru Discretionary application review, if @abc321 also went to decision pending.
  11. I believe October 16th is the date stated on my application for submission.
  12. Additionally, if anyone was wondering what information Admissions provides with status’s for “Decision Pending” they said my application has been reviewed, but a final decision has not yet been taken. Lol
  13. Status changed to Decision Pending this week.
  14. Into queue February 12th. L2: 3.55(undergrad) 3.7ish (masters) LSAT: 158
  15. Just wanted to post this for anyone interested, Dr. Henry is advising all Post Secondaries to prepare for being fully in-person in the Fall. https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2021AEST0015-000406
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