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  1. The most recent February Senate meeting said they’d reassess for the Fall semester in May based on BCs vaccination rate.
  2. Most of the Universities in BC seem to be either giving a May-June deadline based on vaccination rates, or already declaring Fall 2021 will be online.
  3. I thought I would bite the bullet and email asking when Admissions was hoping to have all decisions by and here was the reply: "Your file was updated to Pending Decision yesterday. We are hoping that all applicants will learn if they are accepted, waitlisted, or declined by May."
  4. I think I finished and submitted my application the day after it opened haha. And I did!!
  5. I emailed to ask about further interview emails going out yesterday afternoon, and they replied: "If you have not heard anything by the end of the day Friday, it means that you have not been selected for an interview."
  6. When I emailed Thursday, they let me know emails would be sent this upcoming week for interviews.
  7. I am guessing we will hear by the end of this or the start of next week. With no one needing to travel to the Campus for the interview, I don't think they need to send them as far in advance like last year.
  8. Courtney Wagner replied to my email asking about it midday today confirming the highest score, and I was pretty clear in the question about it being for this application cycle.
  9. So dont kill the messenger, but Courtney Wagner the student recruiter replied to me and said: "Yes, we will be using the highest LSAT for this admissions cycle." Courtney
  10. On the bright-side, if they reply to emails today we should have about 20 confirmations if it has changed or not.
  11. When I emailed on Thursday they updated my status to Complete, and let me know they would be accessing January LSAT scores this week.
  12. Sask for whatever reasoning starts their timeline of offers later than everyone else, the waitlist only started last year in the middle of June.
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