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  1. I forgot I had to change my registered name with LSAC. I had to submit a picture of my driver’s licence to do that. I confused it with registering for the LSAT. I would still contact LSAC and ask. Ontario has limitations on how the health card can be used. Some places accept it as ID, but not everywhere. You would likely be fine, but the best way to know is to ask LSAC.
  2. I am trying to remember, I think I had to upload a photo of my ID when I registered. If they accept the ID for registration I would imagine the proctor would also for verification. I would email and ask though. I have found LSAC were prompt in answering questions. Did you know you can get an Ontario photo ID card? If you don’t have a driver’s licence or passport, it may be worth looking into. You can get them at Service Ontario counters.
  3. I have only been a member a short while, but have read a number of posts/threads. I don’t recall reading any that were toxic or even overly aggressive...but I think it is a matter of perspective and how each of us digests what we are reading. Written communication doesn’t come with the non-verbal cues we are used to. It is easy to take things personally, assume or infer intent, and if we are already in a negative headspace - read things in a negative tone. We can always be mindful of what we write and how it may be perceived, but on the flip side we can also be more mindful of how how we are receiving the information. Try to read things less personally and more positively...it sometimes makes a difference.
  4. I have seen drop box used, as well as other similar file sharing type services.
  5. I have helped supervise students who took the Algonquin paralegal program during their work placement. I just jumped on the Algonquin site and it appears they accept college diplomas as well. Don’t know about the other schools, but Algonquin site indicates if more applications are received than seats, they rank by post secondary grades. https://www.algonquincollege.com/business/program/paralegal-graduate-certificate/faq/
  6. I believe it means Ottawa has received your completed application, and is ready for review. It may be being reviewed or may still be in queue...I don’t think uOZone updates again until a decision is made. I could be wrong, I am an applicant this year as well. That is what I gathered from reading past posts.
  7. When applying for employment, I would suggest having at least one employer reference if at all possible. They will want to hear from people you have worked for, who can give an idea of how they can expect you will perform on the job. Even if the past employment is not related to the position you are applying for.
  8. One other thing to keep in mind, Ottawa U has 1L split into small group/big group for classes. You choose which class you want to be small group (I think 20ish students), and then other classes will be big group. While not all classes are small, you will still get the smaller class experience for some of your classes.
  9. Depends on the community. My housing costs are cheaper (I rent a 2 bedroom house on a double lot for $1200+ utilities), but my cost of commuting is $500-600. What I save in housing I spend on commuting costs. I am sure I could likely find a 2 bedroom apartment in Ottawa and use public transit for less than what I pay to live where I do. If you get into Ottawa U, you can look into housing on the Gatineau side as well. Gatineau is a skip away and places tend to be cheaper.
  10. I live an hour outside the city. I love to drive and find the commute relaxing. There are small communities closer to Ottawa than I am though. Some communities have organized transportation (private buses). Mine doesn’t so I have to drive. It is almost all highway though, so the roads are typically cleared well.
  11. Have you checked LSAC to see if OLSAS requested your LSAT score? If not, I would reach out to OLSAS and make sure they have the correct ID#.
  12. I get where you are coming from. I grew up in a rural area (few houses and a church). I wasn’t sure how well I would adapt either and well, I haven’t really tried. I live in a small village outside Ottawa and commute back and forth. If you do decide on Ottawa and are willing to commute, you can have small town living and work in the city.
  13. That is what I did as well. Sent a thank you email.
  14. As someone who has given references for employment (admittedly not law school), I would find it strange if someone who would not otherwise sent me a card or gift after giving a reference. I have never had it happen.
  15. Sometimes it takes time. I am not sure that comparing situations actually helps, but if it gives you any piece of mind LSAC shows the request for mine was made November 4th, and they didn’t send it until November 24th. OLSAS has not yet registered receipt. You have done what you can (contacted LSAC and asked). I am sure they will likely send the report soon!
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