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  1. Your stats are so good I can't help but wonder if you're trolling all of us. If you're on the up-and-up then I'd be shocked if you didn't get in.
  2. I can't speak to the impact of having 3 CR / NCR credits will have on your applications this cycle, although with the impact of COVID I suspect any impact will be negligible. Given your stats I'd expect you to get an offer somewhere.
  3. I'm tall enough to be an NBA player so this counts as a mark in Allard's favour in my book!
  4. The short answer to your question is yes. If a school makes you an offer with, for example, an April 1st deadline, then a provisional acceptance will hold that spot for you after April 1st. If you don't take another provisional acceptance at another Ontario school, and you don't withdraw your provisional acceptance with the school in question, then it will automatically become firm July 1st. You can only provisionally accept one Ontario school at a time. If you've provisionally accepted one offer, and then receive another offer that you want to provisionally accept, you will lose the first offer as soon as you do. You will also most likely have a tuition deposit deadline sometime in early June. If you don't pay that then you will also lose your provisional acceptance. You should confirm all of this with both OLSAS and the individual schools though rather than taking my word for it.
  5. Which Canadian law school has the best bathrooms? Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. I'm the mature student in question here. cGPA was 2.5, L2 not much better though my B2 / B20 is closer to 3.5. LSAT was a 163. Accepted to Ottawa and waitlisted at Windsor so far this cycle (still waiting to hear back from literally everyone else). I finished my undergrad 15-years ago and have been working ever since, so our situations aren't entirely analogous, so take from this what you will.
  7. I can't help but wonder whether those hiring decisions are reflective of a preference for TRU in general, or a reflection of the partner's relationship and level of trust with that specific professor.
  8. Hard to answer these kinds of questions given how new Ryerson is. There's just not a lot of data to work with. Anecdotally it does appear that they're weighing GPA more heavily than LSAT for example, but I don't think that there's any granular data breaking down cGPA vs B20.
  9. I've been Decision Pending for almost two months now... 😜
  10. Is it common for professors to not allow students to work off of computers in class?
  11. Most of my extended family is comprised of engineers living and working in Alberta. Anecdotally from them the job market at the moment is not great due to the beating the oil and gas sector has been taking. Your fiancee's mileage will, of course, vary depending on their specialties.
  12. But how will we determine our sense of self worth if we can't look down on those who went to a worse school than we did?
  13. Thanks for the feedback all! A lot of this is confirming what I already suspected. I may have to invest in a nice coffee machine though. Not sure that my Aeropress and hand grinder are going to cut it during law school 😜
  14. I think being able to fake a reasonable approximation of positivity regardless of circumstance is an important life lesson. Certainly one I've had to learn as a (relatively) old fogey.
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