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  1. You've got a great GPA, LSAT's a little low though. You definitely still have a chance at this stage of the game, though hard to say how good of a chance you have given the bonkers cycle.
  2. Y'all are making having kids sound really appealing here... 🤣
  3. Rejected this morning. cGPA ~2.5, LSAT 163, mature student with 15 years of high end work experience in film / tv. No connections to New Brunswick or the East Coast so not at all surprised to be rejected.
  4. Being 6'5" my future in the legal profession / rec league basketball is looking bright.
  5. Six hundred thousand dead and counting, but guess that doesn't really matter.
  6. Mature student here. I applied this cycle with a ~2.5 cGPA from 15 years ago and a 163 LSAT. 15 years of work high end film and television work experience. Received multiple acceptances this year and will be attending Osgoode in the fall (unless UBC comes through at the last minute). Most schools will prioritize undergrad marks over graduate grades. Some schools will also give more weight to your first undergrad degree compared to your second (believe UBC is one of these schools). UBC and UVic are extremely competitive schools. Best advice I got on these forums was to apply as broadly as possible (I applied to 14 schools), I'd urge you to do the same.
  7. Yes, that would count as an EC (or work experience depending on the school's application criteria). Will it carry much weight? More difficult to say. Reality is that a lot of law school applicants have spent time working at a law firm. It won't be a negative ,but it's not necessarily a huge positive either.
  8. Rejected via email this morning. Mature student. cGPA ~2.5, LSAT 163, 15 years of high end work experience in the film and television industry.
  9. Worth checking out the 10 reasons to go / not go to my school in the school comparison sub-forum if you haven't already. Should be able to get a sense from that.
  10. I'm going to offer a word of caution about Ryerson. The stats of those accepted this year have been all over the place. We're talking almost Windsor levels of volatility. Now that may simply be due to the weirdness of this application cycle, or it could be a sign of how Ryerson will approach admissions in the years to come. Right now we don't have enough data one way or the other, but I'd caution against treating it as a "safety" school given the results we've seen this year. Keep pushing on the LSAT and do your best to up it into the mid-160s. That will be a significant boost to your chances to go along with your solid L2. Also consider applying more broadly. In all honesty this is the single piece of advice that's probably universally applicable no matter your situation. If you're set on getting into law school this cycle then apply as broadly as you can. You only need one school to take a shine to you after all.
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