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  1. Hi, I am applying this cycle too and from what I have read is that they do not take your summer grades into account of your gpa calculation. For the Pass/Fail courses as well it will not count towards the gpa calculation either, based on what they said in their website. For 4th year fall semester I’m not too sure if they include it, under the logic that they look at your best 3 years, and you would have not completed your fourth year by then. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi, I am selling the 2017 Edition of the Powerscore Bibles (LG/LR/RC - 3 in total), and selling the LSAT Trainer as well. I did not write anything in the Bibles but I did write in the LSAT trainer. I would say the Bibles are in mint condition and the LSAT Trainer is in good condition. Will also be giving away a bunch of free PTs from the "10 Actual PTs" books. Please message me/respond with your offer, and I am located in the GTA area (Mississauga/Oakville). If you would like any pictures feel free to ask well.
  3. No worries, I am applying this cycle too so I am constantly browsing the forum and looking up information as well
  4. I think ur pretty much guaranteed in as long as you have a good statement, so definitely do not retake the LSAT. Also UofT doesn’t look at references. I don’t think those courses are worth mentioning in your statement from what I have read on the forum.
  5. Thank you for the replies everyone, I really appreciate it. I think I will wait until 1L (assuming I get accepted hopefully) before I make a decision on adding the MBA, which will rely on how much money in scholarships I can potentially get.
  6. Hey thanks for the reply! Do you mind expanding a bit on why you think it would not be worth it? And would you know when a jd/mba might be worth considering?
  7. Hi all, I was wondering what my chances are for the JD/MBA program with a 3.87 CGPA/B3 and a 167 LSAT. I have been scoring in the low 170s and the 167 was on the low end of my scores so I was wondering if it would be worth it to retake? I would assume no, but I just wanted to hear from others. Also I had some questions regarding the value of the JD/MBA program. I’m currently in a top 3 business undergrad program and was wondering if the MBA is worth the extra 75k added on to the JD. My plan is to practice corporate law in a BigLaw firm and then to transition to either in house at a company like Microsoft or start my own firm. Does it make sense for me to spend 75k and miss out on a year of practicing law for the MBA considering my goals? Another question I had is regarding merit-based scholarships at Rotman. From what I have read, UofT Law does not really give scholarships based on grades but Rotman does. Has anyone achieved a significant amount through scholarships to make the JD/MBA worthwhile? Or even with scholarships, would the JD/MBA not be worthwhile for my goals? Apologies if I wasn’t clear on anything and thanks in advance.
  8. Pretty much guaranteed in, not sure why you would need to post this as you’re above the 75th percentile on both ends I believe
  9. Hey I think they just complete it on OLSAS, you do not have to mention any specific schools.
  10. Thank you for the reply! By multiple entries I mean several tasks for a given position. Like in this thread from 2015, the posters were mentioning doing multiple entries for a given position. I am not sure if this still applies now, as this was from 2015. But I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing out on anything Edit: In this thread as well
  11. Hey, from what I have read I think they will use your 1st-3rd year grades for the B3 Calculation as they will not have your full 4th year grades when you are applying. I would double check and contact the admissions office, and see if they will consider your 4th year fall grades when they’re submitted.
  12. Hello everyone, I just had a few questions regarding the OLSAS Sketch/Verifiers for the Fall 2021 cycle. My first question is regarding the addresses of the verifiers. If I do not have the addresses of the verifiers can I use the workplace/school address instead, or do I need to get their home addresses? My second question is regarding the amount of information in the Sketch section. I read before that previous applicants used to create multiple entries for one job position, does that still apply now? The previous interface looked a little different so I was wondering if it is still necessary to include multiple entries for one position, and if so, how would I do this? Thanks in advance and please let me know if I need to clarify any of my questions further.
  13. Its listed here I believe. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/jd-admissions-policies?fbclid=IwAR09vjAeQakmGyFKup0toYLcYjAHFu16nUmA-uZ--IhDFNFZVLxkfIq2Ssg "From the 2015-2016 admission year, the algorithm that assigns the two-thirds weighting to the Academic Record and LSAT was adjusted in a way that grants more weight to the GPA, since new data reveals that the GPA merits relatively more weight in predicting performance in first year than other factors."
  14. Np, yeah it seems like its somehow related to the browser, hopefully LSAC will help you further.
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