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  1. there is nothing listed under the to do section on my my.UofC portal, but under admission decision it says the faculty has not yet received the sufficient documentation to begin an evaluation. Does anyone know if that is normal? or should I take that to mean I must not have submitted something properly and follow up with the admissions office? thanks
  2. Hi guys! I am just about ready to subit my application but came across on OLSAS FAQ page something along the lines of "one of your three referees". The schools I am applying to only require two, so I have one academic and one non-academic. Do I need three? I do have another person I can ask if need be, but I feel confident with the two that I have and would love to not stress about getting a third one on such short notice!
  3. Hi Ryn! I was hoping to get some insight into how the admission committee would view my extenuating circumstances. Basically, I had struggled in school my entire life and early on my teachers had suggested to my parents I likely had ADHD and I should undergo some kind of assessment, but they chalked it up to childhood hyperactivity and it was never really touched on again. I struggled academically throughout highschool and attributed it to lack of ability/interest/motivation. After doing so poorly in my first two years of undergrad (3.0) I expressed my frustrations to my GP (how I pretty much thought I would have to abandon my goals of becoming a lawyer) and she referred me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with ADHD and I began taking medication and undergoing treatment which I continue today. I went on to finish my fourth year with a 3.7 and got a 176 on my LSAT without any accommodations. I know that there is a stigma around ADHD and medication with university students so I would appreciate any insight into my situation that you could offer!
  4. I am planning on applying under the discretionary category due to a learning disability. I had pretty low marks in my first 2 years (high 60s/low 70s) and started seeing a psychiatrist to manage it following my second year and ended with much better marks in year 3 and 4 (3.7 gpa) and was able to get a very good LSAT score. I was wondering if they will also consider me under the regular category as well as I know other schools do.
  5. I am applying broadly, ideally everywhere in Ontario and a couple schools out of province, and I am still a bit unclear as to how the who reference process works. I know for out of province (ON) schools they will have to submit for each school, but on OLSAS will my referees have to make a different submission for each school I am applying to? I'm just nervous if they would have to, as i feel like that is a lot of work to ask of them.
  6. What are my chances at Canadian (ideally Ontario law schools) I just graduated from Western and had pretty bad marks in my earlier years. 1st - 69 2nd - 70 3rd - 76 4th - 82 (Deans list) I started seeing a psychiatrist after my second year who had me tested and diagnosed with severe ADHD, I started taking medication and seeing her about once a month which explains the increase in grades. I also didn't use any academic accommodation (extra time, computer privileges etc.) to make sure I would be able to succeed without them on the LSAT and in law school (if i get in). I havent written my LSAT yet (registered for the July) but have been studying for about 1 month and they have really turned out to be my strong suit. I have done about 6 full online proctored practice tests and have been averaging a 174 on them. I know my grades are really going to bring me down, was wondering if anyone had an insight on what my chances are looking like or any ways to increase my chances.
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