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  1. Do you know where i can find the admission "cut-off" information?
  2. Hi So im planning on applying to law school for 2022 and i'm considering Ryerson but what are my chances of getting in i calculated my best 20 right now and it averages to 3.91/4.33. My cGpa (not OLSAS) is around 3.23/4.33 which isn't that good (due to personal/medical reasons). Im going to be writing my LSAT twice once in April and once in June and i'm confident ill get at least a 163. I already have 3 teachers willing to write a LOR for me and for EC i'm currently a part of a psychology society in my university, volunteered with a police department, worked full-time during undergrad, and im planning on doing more volunteering during the summer or trying to get a temp position at a law firm. If you could use this info to help me determine my chances at other schools i would appreciate that.
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