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  1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I actually wrote the MCAT this January and got a 524 (132 C/P, 131 CARS, 130 B/B, 131 P/S). However, I only wrote it because all my friends wrote it and I guess I didn't want to feel left out (sad I know). I started realizing fairly early on (probably in fall of second year) that medicine may not be for me. The more I researched the profession of medicine, the more I felt that I wasn't suited to be a doctor since I just couldn't see myself being able to handle the responsibility of having a patient's life in my hands. This hesitancy is also probably a large contributor as to why I never pursued ECs with as much passion as my premed peers. On the other hand, the more I research the profession of law, the more passionate I become about pursuing law school. In fact I currently find studying for the LSAT to be much more enjoyable and rewarding compared to studying for the MCAT, which was basically just me doing half an hour of Anki flashcards at breakfast every morning. I realize that many may think me a fool to waste a 524 MCAT, but I really do think that I will enjoy being a lawyer more than being a doctor. Thank you so much to everyone for giving me the reassurance I needed to pursue this dream. I'm gonna grind through those 95 PTs on 7Sage and hopefully break into the 170s before walking into that exam room!
  2. Thank you so much for the reassurance. In that case I will probably prioritize maximizing my LSAT scores this summer while continuing to work part-time with the reserves (which I genuinely enjoy) instead of trying to disingenuously pad my CV at the last minute.
  3. Hello, I'm currently in the middle of studying for the August LSAT in hopes of applying to all Ontario schools except Windsor this coming cycle but am worried that my weak (in my opinion) ECs will severely hurt my chances. I've read fairly mixed opinions on the matter especially for UOttawa, with some saying that UOttawa places greater weight on ECs, while others claim that GPA is king. Compared to my premed friends, my list of ECs seems pretty pathetic but I would love to get some opinions for prelaw applicants and law students. Below are my stats: Academics: BMSc at University of Western Ontario 1st year GPA: 4.0 2nd year GPA 4.0 3rd year GPA: 3.99 LSAT: - Not yet taken but scoring between 164-168 on PTs 62-71. Hoping to break into the 170s before my test date in August. ECs: - Piano (level 8 RCM) - Self-taught guitar - Self-taught Japanese - Lab technician during summer of first year - Tutoring jobs spread out over past three years - Current reservist with Royal Canadian Navy - English conversation facilitator with UWO's International and Exchange Student Centre (starting this coming September) Basically, I'm not sure if I should be prioritizing trying to find more volunteering opportunities this summer or just focus on getting as high of an LSAT score as I possibly can. I definitely regret not getting more involved during my undergrad but I can't change the past. I'm originally from Ottawa so UOttawa is my first choice. I would greatly appreciate any opinions I can get on my current situation.
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