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  1. They could still take it, but remain online/remote while most students attend physically. Or, 2 sections of the class could open... 1 online 1 in person.
  2. Those students would know in advance, that if they select that class, it would be in person, and the only class they would have in person. It would be clear in the course description. That gives some options to the students who want in-person education, even if it just means one class.
  3. I was not aware about the undergrads. Thanks for letting me know. We have 4 classrooms, 51, 52, 36, and 38 I believe that can do 25 person classes with social distancing. With classes going from 8:30 am - 8pm everyday, 5 days a week, there is plenty of time for more classes than just small groups (even with a small break in between classes to disinfect). My main point is, I do not think 1Ls should have a monopoly over in person classes. 5/6 of their classes will be in person. Upper years can't even get one? Why can't one class, say criminal for example, go online? And with the physical room that is opened up by moving just 1 more 1L class online, that can allow for a few upper year classes in person (either in the faculty of education, or in the law building). That one switch can have upper years around which has its benefits that outweigh the consequences of giving 1L's 4/6 classes in person instead of 5/6. The support network of having upper years around to not only mentor students socially and academically, but to simply just run extra curriculars, cannot be replicated remotely. If 1L's will be in person, upper years to some extent need to be there as well. They go hand in hand! Upper years want to help 1L's, many of us are eager too, and our absence is actually detrimental to 1L social and academic success in my opinion. Upper years can be physically present at the law building if fewer 1L classes are in person, and that physical space is given to us. I know I am throwing out hypotheticals that may have logistical difficulties, but admin has not explained anything, and they should.
  4. I agree with you - 1L's need in person the most. I just think that since the plan is already there for some in person classes, why cant it be extended for a small selection of upper year classes, especially given that we were told of a mixed model and that Western thrives with in person interaction? Upper years shouldn't be told to do everything online because 1L's need more socialization and deserve the building more, to me at least, that is not enough.
  5. That’s unfair to upper year students. Admin has chosen to sacrifice 2Ls and 3Ls so that 1Ls get to be almost fully in-person. 1L’s were given a choice if they want their classes to be online, or in person – why can’t 2L’s and 3L’s? For 1L’s who choose in-person, all their classes are in person except constitutional. Upper years don't even get 1 class in person. We were told of a “mixed model” but that was thrown out completely. Many of the upper year classes are capped at 25 people. These classes can happen in the larger lecture halls that hold 80+, and the 80 student classes kept online. This is especially confusing when all of Western undergrad has moved online, the campus is essentially entirely empty buildings. Why is absolutely no effort being made to accommodate upper year students? The decision has even been made for winter term for upper years to be online – why is there no flexibility here at all? At no point has admin suggested that they will try to move for in-person classes in the winter semester if circumstances change. It is lazy for admin to do nothing for upper years. I cannot help but think that various economic and business reasons were factored into the decision to give upper years the short end of the stick. I say this because there has been a total lack of transparency in the decision-making process, we have not been given an explanation as to why admin has so quickly given up on our educational experience. The Dean reasons that social integration and building connections is important for 1Ls. But this is just as important in 2L and 3L. Plus, the social integration and academic support between 1Ls and upper years is so crucial to building connections at law school. I know my 1L experience would not have been as successful if I didn't have the help I got from upper years. Further, two-thirds of covid-19 cases come from the GTA. London is fairly safe and will be safer come September. While there is a chance of transmission by having students move back, admin may students to isolate for 14 days prior to start of classes. I have no hope left in admin as they appear to be set in their decision. I truly hope students keep the pressure on admin, especially the SLS at Western Law, to try to get some sort of in person education for upper year students. For most of us, it is our last year(s) of schooling before we enter the workforce forever – let’s not let go of it so easily.
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