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  1. I talked about a piece that I created too, and I don't see how it would not satisfy the prompt!
  2. I had the same issue! My boyfriend who works at the UofA suggested that I reach out to [email protected] (the IT department). I haven't heard back yet and its been 3 days. Do you have any updates on your side?
  3. Does anybody know when applications will open for next year's cycle?
  4. I sent the Assistant Dean of Admissions an email about this today and he responded with: Congratulations on your offer of admission, very exciting! Your offer should appear on OLSAS today, however, should it not, this email will serve as evidence your offer was last minute and we will honour our decision beyond the expiry date. Please continue to check back and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. John So I trust that he will get back to anyone else who emailed about this as well!! Congrats everyone
  5. Oh that's true! Thanks! I just hate that I only have 2 days to make this huge decision haha
  6. Accepted today! My offer expires on July 1st but im still waiting to hear back from Ottawa.. Any advice on what I should do? Im on the waitlist at Ryerson and McGill, and rejected from Osgoode and Queens.
  7. Congrats!! Yeah its so weird. I got into the regular JD at Windsor.. not sure what the admissions commitees are looking for haha.
  8. Waitlsted on June 25th for Dual! Still waiting to hear back from the regular JD but Im not hopeful given how late it is LSAT: 158, 165 L2: 3.71 B2: 3.84
  9. Has anyone here who got accepted declined their offers? Im on the waitlist so I'm just curious 😊
  10. Got waitlisted at Ryerson and Windsor since. I got my 165 score in Jan so not sure if that's affecting things
  11. Waitlisted June 23rd! LSAT: 158, 165 cGPA: 3.3 L2/B2: 3.86
  12. I'm in the same position except I haven't heard back from anywhere 😥 LSAT: 158, 165 cGPA: 3.3, B2 3.8 Decent LORs and EC's... not sure if it's because I applied later on? I wrote the November LSAT and submitted my app mid October.
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