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  1. Thanks all! It sounds like a good mix of computer-typed notes (esp. for reading notes) + handwritten notes will be the way to go. In any case, I'm sure that in the first few weeks/months, it'll take a lot of trial and error on whatever I do to adjust to studying in law school. All this to say, I'm super excited to begin studying finally. Thanks again for all the valuable advice. This forum has provided helpful in many aspects especially for someone like me who really doesn't have anyone else to ask law school related questions to. I look forward to more note taking-related suggestions if there are any!
  2. Hi all, I'm excited to say that I'll most likely be attending Queen's Law starting this fall. I haven't been in school for about three years now, so I'm trying to give myself a good adjustment period to get used to the classroom setting. When it comes to note taking, I'm leaning more towards handwriting them, because I have felt in my university years that having a computer in class distracts me a lot. That said, I'm also a little worried about not being able to retain everything due to the inherent slow speed when handwriting. To mitigate this, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to record classes in my first year of studies and come back to the recordings while I review them after classes. My question is this: at Queen's Law, do most professors allow students to record their lectures? Thanks in advance for responding!
  3. I’m a relative new comer to Ontario, and so wouldn’t really want to move again. So I only applied to Ontario schools, not far from here Toronto. If need be, I would reapply next year to go to one of these schools.
  4. I'm feeling quite overly obsessed as well. Since I'm still waiting for my November score and am planning on rewriting in January, I'm trying to turn this obsession into a motivation to study. I work full-time so I need to manage my time well to stay on top of my studies. That said, I'm trying to reduce my time spent on this forum. At this point, any new information regarding decisions (past chance-mes, accepted/rejected/waitlisted posts...) only serves the purpose of either getting my hopes up or discouraging me, without really changing anything. All I have in my control is to study better and harder, really. With that, I'm going back to studying/working... I wish you all the good luck with the admissions, and with the LSAT too if you're planning on (re)writing it in January as well! If not, I'd like to carefully suggest that you read "How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School" by Kathryne M. Young (if you haven't already). I know we're mere applicants, but when I'm obsessing over things as I am now, I find it useful to direct said obsession to something more "useful" ie reading about a hopefully near future and how to prepare my mindset on what's to come (again, hopefully). Even if we don't get in in this cycle, it's a good easy read that talks mainly about how to deal with stressful situations and getting your priorities and values straight, which I think anybody would find useful.
  5. Hi there, I'm on the same boat as you. As far as I remember, I heard from one school (I forget which, apologies) during an admissions webinar that they wouldn't mind if applicants submitted their medical doc (for Access claims) via SAM past the application deadline. Their reasoning was that they know how long it sometimes takes to get a hold of these papers.
  6. Yes. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-dates/ November 1, 2020 (11:59 pm ET) Deadline for applications to first-year English programs. Deadline for OLSAS to receive transcripts and references for first-year English applications.
  7. OP edit -- I am a mature applicant for U of T, just found out! On top of it being my 3rd year out of school currently (so 4 by September next year), I spent 2 years out of school during university on a leave of absence.
  8. Hi all! Per the Law School Applicant Assistant my stats are : cGPA 3.58, B3 3.87, L2 3.60 I don't have an official LSAT score yet but I am PTing around 170. I'm signed up for both Nov and Jan tests. I'm applying to U of T, Osgoode, Ryerson, Queen's, and U Vic. Some other soft factors: I'm 1 year short of falling in the "mature" category (graduated 2017) if that means anything at all Where applicable, I'm applying in the Access category due to a mental illness + a life circumstance which I had to solve by taking legal action. I wouldn't know unless I were the admission officer, but I think my essays are pretty strong. I address my access claim coherently, and I also use it as a material for the U of T essay as they don't have a separate Access pool. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, Who else loves to get their stuff done last minute? If anybody is willing, I would like to have somebody read over/comment/edit/provide whatever feedback on one of my personal statements/optional essay (not my main PS, as it contains some sensitive personal info). In return, I will also read any application essays that you would like a second/third/whatever set of eyes on. Hit me up! Thanks!
  10. I have no clue. I would guess that they would have similar processes, but I would email them and ask if you were uncertain about your eligibility to meet each school's access criteria.
  11. I heard this question be answered by a Queen's Law admission officer just the other week (I think the application info session/webinar was on last Thursday?). She said that if you apply under the Access category, and they deem you to not belong there, they will move your application to the General category and proceed with evaluating in the General pool.
  12. Hi all, This might be either a fun or a silly question depending on who reads it.. Does anybody know which Ontario law schools have student/community orchestras that JD students can participate in? Thanks in advance!
  13. Ooph that's soon! Thanks everybody! Guess I'll be making contacts with my old professors this week wish me luck!
  14. Hi all, I’m wondering the deadline I should tell my refereed by when they need to submit their letters. Is it November 1 or later in January? Thanks!
  15. Hi all, Does it matter when I write the test (say October, November, or January) in order to be considered for an entrance scholarship? I'm reading on the York University entrance scholarship guidelines (https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/financial-services/fund-law-school/scholarships-awards-prizes/) that I need to submit the application by November 1st to be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship ("All incoming students who have completed the Financial Statement with their application to law school by the November 1st application deadline will be automatically considered for all scholarships."). Does this mean that I have to also have written my LSAT by then, or is it possible that I submit my application before the 1st, write the LSAT in January, and still get considered for an entrance scholarship? Thanks all in advance!
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