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  1. definitely a good idea if it boosts your gpa
  2. i think it’s 100% worth a shot to update! you have nothing to lose by doing so and potentially something to gain! also congrats on the promotion ive updated my cv in a previous admission cycle... nothing too exciting but i was waitlisted until the very end if you wanted some more context
  3. Hey! has anyone who was waitlisted last year, (and ultimately refused) heard back yet? I was told by admissions in the fall that those who were waitlisted last year would not have to wait again as long for a response this time around... was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this? I’m still Rfr but was waitlisted last year until the end of august.
  4. your stats are great for sure and you'd probably be looked at within the first round! you have a strong app that seems unique and well rounded no doubt. no one can really know what makes mcgill reject such qualified candidates though so obviously there's no saying for sure but your chances look good!! best of luck.
  5. tbh your application seems pretty solid and unique! im no expert of course but your chances seem great. Of course, their process is holistic as said above^ and anything can happen but seems quite competitive to me. I also genuinely think they appreciate honest, raw PS's over run of the mill ones. Good luck!!!!
  6. just confirming that it will say RFR until you get an email that theres an update to your minerva status... that could be anywhere between now and July lol. I was only informed of being waitlisted last year in May, and then got a final decision at the end of August! be patient, you'll hear in due time
  7. you're definitely right.. and thank you so much I really appreciate sincerity!!
  8. *update* i just had a meeting with admissions and my lsat being borderline has the potential to weaken my file whereas a first time cancellation probably wont. so i will probably be cancelling it!
  9. im not planning on taking in january yet... but still an option. i feel like my stats are so borderline at the moment that either decision could go either way πŸ˜•
  10. oh no really?? they will take cancelling into account instead of just disregarding it? πŸ˜•
  11. Hey everyone, I was waitlisted to mcgill last year til the very end and I think i have decent chances this year around, (gpa 3.67) however I just got my lsat score and it was my first time taking it and I got a 156. I have til tuesday to cancel it, should I cancel? I almost feel like since i was waitlisted until the week before classes last year and have strong chances then a weak lsat score like that would weaken my overall application!
  12. So, I have taken both tests and I personally found the TEF express much more difficult. Maybe its the time they give or the difficulty in the questions or maybe simply that you're in an environment of your own but yeah. Im also anglo but am verbally bilingual, however the reading comprehension questions are lengthy and less about content and more about themes and barely about understanding the language itself imo. I know quite a few people who were in the same position as me in being surprised by the TEF Express' difficulty. I personally will start studying maybe 1.5 months away from it but I am also not good with studying timelines. The TFI I also missed the cut off by 1% LOL. (was a very weird experience for me) but I didnt study at all for that one and i took it during midterms and was using that test as a practice round... Im confident i could have gotten the mark needed for the TFI if i could take that one again. However idk how it'll go this time with TEF Express again fingers crossed
  13. if its the TFI specifically, then you can take it again... assuming you did so in person privately and not through udem! i have multiple friends who did that. but now, with the TEF express online, they send your results automatically to the school so you only have one shot per admission cycle. Have you found anywhere that is offering the TFI still? I thought because of covid it wasnt available anywhere anymore. I actually got in to udem last year but didnt make the mark for TEF express by one percentage so my admission got revoked.
  14. did anyone else forget to show both sides of their scratch paper? i just wrote my writing one and realized i forgot to... do you think ill have to retake it? im already getting my results so late since i took the actual lsat nov 11
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