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  1. Is your application under the regular category? Under the regular category you definitely wouldn't be accepted unfortunately.
  2. I don't think the application is open yet for the term starting September 2021, but should open in a month or two? I think you want to apply early so it can all get finalized and the funding released to your school on time. I also think you need student loans secured when making bursary applications.
  3. You just apply through Student Aid BC and you're given a combination of provincial and federal loans, only one application is needed. This is what I did in undergrad so assume the same for law school. The Student Aid BC website is down right now as it was hacked recently, but should be more information there
  4. Don’t worry, nothing happening in the Facebook group yet. Make sure to join the discord if you haven’t yet
  5. Doesn't feel like a fair take on a complex issue 😕
  6. I was just looking to see what the costs of licensing are in BC and seems like it’s around $3000? That does seem to include both the 10 week PLTC and the exams so seems more reasonable. $5000 does seem extortionate 😕
  7. Just reading this now and glad I’m not the only one. Last semester of undergrad and motivation really took a hit in mid feb. After a couple weeks of video games, procrastination, and getting high, I finally feel like I’m back and can focus on my studies again. Hoping the best for everyone!
  8. From what they've said personal statements make up 1/3 of the application weight. So if you have a good PS I think that will really help!
  9. I didn’t understand this part of the piece. What is the “notwithstanding-by-stealth” maneuver the author is talking about and why is the analysis wrong?
  10. That's a great idea, thank you!
  11. I've emailed them a couple times for various things and called them, both work. Their contact info is on the website. If you're calling try to reach them earlier in the day. It's okay to reach out to them for an update on calculating your GPA, just be polite of course!
  12. Mine was significantly off, like more than 7% lower than it should have been. They recalcualted it and got the correct number pretty fast . Yes I definitely suggest reaching out to confirm
  13. I've found in undergrad that I can often find an ebook version of the class textbook online to download for free as a PDF. Is this the same for law school or are many of the books only available as physical copies?
  14. Okay thank you, this helps. That is what I'm thinking, use LOC as a last resort and then once I eventually have a balance on there to dump any incoming money onto it to reduce the balance. I am renting a place and don't have substantial savings so am hoping that bursaries help!
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