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  1. Are you interested in policy making? If so, given your goal of working in government, you should look into a Masters in Public Policy / Public Administration.
  2. I’m not too studied but on this, but isn’t Bill C-7 more in line with the Carter decision than current law? If the current law is unconstitutional by requiring that death be “reasonably foreseeable”, what do disability activists want Parliament to do?
  3. Wait, really? Why would you have to turn over what you make to the firm?
  4. Doesn't hurt to check in with admissions, just give them a call or email!
  5. I never had to send in my fall grades for UBC and they don't take them into consideration. I had to send them for UVIC but not UBC
  6. My advice would be just to leave your LSAT score active and don't withdraw your application, there would be no advantage to doing either IMO. You're unlikely to get in this year under regular category, but if you applied discretionary you might have a slightly better chance. If you don't get in just study up and do great on your next LSAT. Good thing is you have a great GPA so with a solid LSAT score you'll be in next year. I'm sure they won't hold it against you if you don't get in and reapply the next year. The question you're referencing is probably just for tracking purposes, they probably just want to associate your application with your previously created file.
  7. My understanding is that UBC just takes your highest LSAT and doesn't care about lower ones so don't think cancelling or not cancelling would make a difference. I think you're unlikely to get in this cycle under the regular category, if you applied discretionary I don't know how that affects things. You might have a better shot? But honestly have no clue. For figuring out what LSAT score you need check out the stickied threads at the top of the UBC forum, in particular read through the "UBC GPA Calculator and Chances Predictor" and "UBC INDEX CALCULATOR: 0.2678*GPA + 0.1986*LSAT + 36.5952" threads to figure out what LSAT score you need to get admitted under the regular category. My guess is around 166 or so; I got in this cycle with 84.5% and 167. In terms of when to take the LSAT again it's up to you. If you don't get in this cycle you can take the time to study up and make sure you're PTing pretty high beforehand. I found 7sage quite helpful. Best of luck!
  8. UBC only takes your highest LSAT score so no point in cancelling it. When are you applying for? Don't know much about discretionary applicant requirements so hopefully someone else can chime in
  9. Ya probably right to call in a couple weeks to check then as seems like a bunch of people who applied in Nov are still waiting too. Sorry don't have any clue about exchange marks
  10. When did you apply? I wouldn't feel nervous about contacting them, just be respectful of course. If they haven't been able to calculate your results yet they'll let you know when to check back. Make sure to calculate your GPA yourself beforehand so you know if their calculations are correct or not. For reference I applied in early November. Emailed to check about a month later and they said to check back in mid-January. Called in mid-Jan and they had calculated it for me.
  11. They did do a late-January batch of acceptances so I guess March is the next one
  12. I would say the index is at least reasonably accurate from my experience. I called in mid-January and they had my GPA calculated and told me I was "over the cut-off and would be getting an offer soon" (paraphrasing). I did end up getting an offer in the next week or so. I was 84.5% and 167 so I think somewhere around 92.5? So I think you're pretty good in terms of stats, only question mark for me would be January LSAT date and how that affects things.
  13. You’re right in that the only thing you have to worry about is the lateness of having your file completed. I got accepted already and have worse stats than you. I would say just make sure to connect with admissions asap to make sure they have updated your file with the new score. congrats on the great lsat score 😁
  14. Basically same for me but in reverse haha. Both seem like great schools! If I didn't have family in Vancouver might have ended up attending UVIC since I've only heard great things about the city.
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