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  1. I know of a guy who is rejected Ottawa for Osgoode. He informed a group chat today. Good luck!
  2. For 1L criminal law small group course ? Thanks!
  3. Be nice. No need to rub it in. @Zoye, I recommend you score at least in the high 140s to mid 150s Range. Look into this book: The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning: A Fundamentally Fresh, Better Way to Master LSAT Logical Reasoning. Ottawa also cares about your personal statement. Ensure you craft a compelling case on why you want to attend the Faculty. The LSAT just like all standardized test are garbage and serve a rent seeking function. It proves nothing of your potential as a professional or student. I bombed my SATs (I am American) and I will never forget reading things like “your child will not succeed in college” and that I was “an outlier.” Yet I graduated 3rd in my class and winded up at an Ivy League school for my MBA. 5 years later I am returning to law school since I was in a joint JD/MBA program but refused to continue being a poor and broke student. So I worked and now I’m back to finish my law degree in Ottawa out of all places. Life is funny. Check out the book I recommend. 7Sage also helped me with the logic games. Read dense texts like the WSJ and The Economist to get comfortable with RC section. I found that having some background on the topics made me more interested. Don’t give up hope but do create a plan to score as close to the 50th percentile on the LSAT. All other aspects of your application must also glow. Good luck.
  4. Any upper-years or alumni or both willing to share your insights on the professor and course? Thank you.
  5. Sorry I never updated this. I did get my accepted on May 31. I have accepted the offer.
  6. Yes. 3.98/4.0 Grad school 3.85/4.3
  7. I would love to hear from upper year students as well. Thanks for the post.
  8. 3.98 GPA, 166 LSAT MBA + International Student Personal statement was tailored for Ottawa exclusively. I apply to no other school.
  9. I was accepted on May 31. Good luck!
  10. Wow! Great to hear I’m not alone in this chaos. I will definitely be PM you. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Visitor. I came in early March a week before Trudeau and Trump closed the border for non-essential movement. We submitted our sponsorship application in December 2019 and then COVID hit....
  12. I am a US citizen currently being sponsored by my Canadian spouse. I received an offer of admission very late in the cycle (May 31). I will be submitting an application for a student permit. However, given covid, processing times are uncertain for both sponsorship and student permit. I fear I may not be able to have it on time before the Fall semester starts. I have been in Canada since March and plan to stay here (filing tourist extension or receiving student permit) given the heartbreaking civil unrest in the US and COVID. Are there any other folks here in a similar situation regarding student permits?
  13. Thank you. The status literally changed today and the generic acceptance letter was dated with today’s date. It also says I have until June 21st to accept or reject my offer.
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