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  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice! I think I used the blind review method at the initial point of my studying and then got frustrated with it and stopped (I study with 7sage, actually). I agree with you that I should continue with it! Congratulations on your acceptance, and thank you again for the information!
  2. I actually would not pay anywhere close to that amount to UofT, and there are some other personal reasons that factor into my choice to return to Toronto rather than to stay in Montreal, as much as I love it!
  3. Thanks for responding! Did you have anything else in your application that you think made a significant contribution to being accepted?
  4. Thank you! Sadly, a tutor is far out of my price range, but I plan to hit the powerscore bible for a new games strategy and hopefully that would help!
  5. I did consider it due to their very attractive tuition, but I don't have an interest in learning civil law, and I prefer to return to Toronto! Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  6. Hi friends! I am a student about to enter my fourth year of political science. I have a 3.94 CGPA so far (so that's my B3, and my university scales GPA the same way OLSAS does) and I took the first ever digital LSAT in July 2019, got a 160 (BOMBED the life out of games, had a huge 2 hour delay, day 2 of period, very unfortunate experience), cancelled it for the free retake that was being offered, retook in Jan and got a 162 (messed up on logic games again, on preptests i was scoring semi-consistently in the higher 160s). I also did exchange this semester that ended up being cancelled midway that isn't part of the calculation but is considered, and received all As there too, which was the max grade at the school. I have good extracurriculars (I think?), I have a GOOD amount of adversity that I can discuss in my personal statement. I'm also not sure if UofT considers the hell of grade deflation that my university puts undergrad poli sci kids through, but it's alright if they don't. The situation: Right now, i have 2 months of free summer before admissions begin, and I am considering retaking my LSAT to fatten my chances (please don't argue with me about the time frame, 2 months is enough time for me for sure, i just hate the weight of studying for this test so much). It would cost me around 6 or 700 Canadian dollars total, which is kind of a financial hit but a manageable one. I didn't retake it because I was going on exchange and knew I couldn't afford UofT and crossed it off as an option, but I now realize that I'd get a boatload of bursaries, and I found out about the existence of the Professional Student Line of Credit. So, I have become insanely attached to the idea of UofT. I have slaved and bled myself dry to stay in the top of my class in order to feel flexible in my choice of law school, and I feel like the LSAT is holding me back. But I do know that UofT recommends not retaking when you're above 85th percentile because you probably won't improve over 3 points. I can't say whether I would, honestly. I think if I fixed my games inconsistency issue I could do it as I've scored up to 171 on PTs before (only once over 170 lol) and I had a good chunk of high 160s in my preptests, but my scores did fluctuate a bit primarily due to games, and my RC is a little wonky. I just feel so insecure about the score and I feel that I will regret not retaking it if I get rejected. Am I being irrational? What do you guys think of my chances? I know success stories exist from scaling through the accepted and rejected pages, but I worry I'm really risking it here by not wanting to retake it, and would like to know if I'm any kind of candidate in the first place in case i end up getting around the same score on my (possible) next LSAT. I also really wanted to take this time to get my personal statement and LORs in order, but maybe that won't take too long. Also, my alternative here is Osgoode. I know this is a lot of detail, but thank you to anyone who has any input on this! I only have a few days to make this life-altering decision so any help is helpful!
  7. Wow, congratulations! this gives me so much hope, I have similar stats to yours but was worried they'd be looking for abnormally high LSAT scores too. this is great to hear.
  8. Hi! Congrats on these scholarships! did you get anything from osgoode or uoft (if you applied)? And was the queens one 15k yearly?
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