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  1. Wait, are these stats without factoring in PS and ECs at all? Does this mean my ~3.4 and 162.5 lsat has a shot?
  2. Unfortunately TRU doesn't take into account Winter or Summer 2020 grades. If I repeat my performance in those 2 semesters in Fall 2020 then I should be able to push my L2 to 3.5+ on a 4.0 scale. I've also been PTing at the high 160s-low 170s range but just can't seem to get it when it matters. Would a 3.5/4.0 and a 164 significantly improve my chances or do you think I should take one last crack at the LSAT?
  3. Designate the heads and tails for me please Do you think I have a chance at Queen's or Ottawa with these stats based on cGPA? Not eligible for B2.
  4. First attempt I got a 164, PTing high 160s. Didn't feel good about the first attempt so I tried again. Second attempt I got a 161, and double whammy is I felt good about this take. I need a 166+ to get into my dream school. Do I retake and risk doing worse on the LSAT again or do I risk it in order to have a better chance of getting in. Earliest retake might also be the January one, will law schools that I'm capable of getting into with my stats accept me even though I have another take on the way? OSLAS CGPA: 3.33 without drops. L2: ~3.52
  5. TRU has stated that it will not take into consideration Winter 2020 grades for the GPA calculation. Are there any other schools west of Robson Hall going this route?
  6. Yeah what's the source for this? First time I've heard this.
  7. Has there ever been a time when someone above the auto-admit 242 index was rejected? Asking because I'm above the presumable cutoff
  8. cGPA is with 12 drops. Chances for: UBC (none) UVic UofA TRU
  9. TRU definitely has the following requirement: That's all I know of though.
  10. I'm looking to apply for Fall 2021 admission. The website states that: I understand UVic does take into account fall grades. I will have the required amount of units (90 credits) only after the Fall 2020 semester is over (so late December, January), will I be eligible to apply for Fall 2021? The reason I'm asking is that it states that UVic does an initial evaluation prior to the completion of the Fall semester and I hope that does not immediately take me out of the running.
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