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  1. Thanks, I am hoping that the courts will open in July as planned and at least I'll get a month or so of court experience.
  2. Thanks for the advice! I am definitely going to dedicate time for that once the courts are open.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm about to start my 2L summer job at a Crown's office in Ontario and I was hoping to get some advice especially from people who summered with Crown offices. Specifically what to expect in terms of the workload, what are the most common types of tasks I will be required to do, am I going to be helping to a specific assistant attorney or the whole office, and most importantly as I am a new immigrant with an LLB outside of Canada, I was hoping to hear what is the level of competence and knowledge that is expected from me to have as a 2L student? I ask this because though I have passed my NCA exam on Criminal Law, I have read notes and books and I feel that I do understand the substantive law, I still don't feel completely confident in myself and that I actually know procedure or able to draft and file court documents. I know it's suppose to be somewhat similar to the articling job with them but not as demanding. Also, I'd like to hear about any online resources where I can read a bit more about criminal procedure, evidence rules etc (aside from court cases) as the library is not available now (and often their law books selection is not great anyways). I appreciate any advice, thanks.
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