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  1. Ok. will my summer course be bad?
  2. Another question? I have taken a full course load my whole undergrad except for second semester of my second year, in which I took a 1.0 summer course that year. Will that be detrimental or will they just not include that year in my GPA calculation?
  3. I am entering 4 year, and because of one hard course my L2 is a 3.69, but my CGPA is 3.7. I think I will improve my L2 for my final year, but is 3.69 is a death sentence. My soft ECs are very strong, as well as my references. FYI I have not written the LSAT yet, but I have so far in my diagnostics (and I just started studying) I'm getting mid 150s, so expecting a low 160. How are my chances for places like Queens, Western and Windsor.?
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