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  1. As an update, they are providing people who were interrupted during the LSAT-Flex with the following choices. Cancel your May LSAT-Flex and take the June LSAT-Flex Cancel your May LSAT-Flex and take the July LSAT-Flex Cancel your May LSAT-Flex and receive a coupon for a future test Keep your May LSAT-Flex
  2. No, I hadn't found it more difficult than any practice test I've done (be it a full 5 section test, or a 3 section flex test). Although it may be easier to write for a shorter period of time, I think LSAC is still probably able to present a good slew of fair questions that will produce a pretty normal curve. We'll have to wait and see on that though.
  3. No extra time given. Everyone had the option to take a 1 minute break between sections, but you could just hit start if you wanted to move along. Once you hit start for a section there was no pause or way to rewind the time.
  4. I wrote it. Went without a hitch until I was interrupted by my proctor during the last section (LR). They sent me a message letting me know that my webcam had stopped working. I "tested" my computer on Proctor.U beforehand to see if my system requirements were up to snuff, and it all came back positive. So I was really shocked when I got the message. I lost about a minute in corresponding with them to figure out what was up. They ended up telling me everything was fine and that I should carry on. Felt pretty frazzled. I submitted a test centre complaint afterwards. Overall, just want to hear from LSAC to see what my options are. I'm registered to write in June as well, so I'm hoping to get things sorted before then. For most people it sounded like it went fine. But I think my "technology failure" experience is for sure in the minority. Most of the problems cited (late test starts and uninformed proctors) seem pretty easy to mitigate for future rounds. Tech stuff, I'm not so sure how they'll fix that. The test itself was pretty good. The LG section was pretty manageable, as were the readings for RC. And although there were some LR that threw me for a loop (probably worsened by being interrupted while writing this section), I thought it was pretty standard too.
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