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  1. I'm not sure. But it sounds like the notation for any awards would already be on your transcript based on what @3rdGenLawStudent said. Unless you're just interested to know which of your classmates received awards, which is fair enough.
  2. None for me. Just the Dean's List notation.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with any of this, especially your point about a lack of grades shifting towards a system where personal connections are weighted more heavily. No model is going to totally mitigate the effects of the pandemic and mine might (and likely would) hurt A students without those connections. I would add though, that the pandemic has not affected people equally and people with pre-existing disadvantage are more likely to have had their lives disrupted by this thing. I take it that ultimately there is no evaluative model that can achieve perfect equity even in outside of the pandemic. Your med school example about the drawbacks of not having grades is compelling. But given the situation has drastically exacerbated existing disadvantages, I think a measure like a mandatory P/F makes a lot of sense, especially with the recruit being delayed. In other words, if this had happened to you in 1L, you would have gotten Ps like everyone else, the recruit would have been delayed and you would have collected your shiny As in first semester of 2L to impress employers. Not ideal, but none of this is really.
  4. I still think the most equitable solution was a mandatory P/F system. Someone on another thread posted U of T's explanation, which makes the most sense to me: "On balance, only the general credit/no credit scheme avoids problematic evaluative distinctions at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting students in highly differentiated ways that are independent of academic commitment and ability." I see the concern about more competitive students, but some of my classmates were really affected by the pandemic and it shows in their grades (based on what they've told me - we don't talk specifics really). Given the inevitable inference that will be drawn from elected Ps in relation to other grades, it hardly seems fair.
  5. I agree with @canuckfanatic Side-eyeing people who make use of accommodations like assignment extensions is unproductive and can be actively harmful. I haven't used any so far, but I would like to know that if I needed an accommodation, I could take one without worrying about people thinking I was trying to game the system.
  6. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a 3.81 this year in 1L. From the sounds of things, that's probably dean's list but not medalist territory, right? I just wonder if the cut-off for dean's list this year will be higher. Trying to set realistic expectations.
  7. Yeah, I feel like this is something that's probably hard to manufacture and as @thebadwife said, who has the time in 1L? I didn't really. If you're looking for a formula, I think it would have to start earlier in the semester. Go to office hours. Demonstrate interest in the material. Go to events the professor is participating in. Write down questions that occur to you when you are reading and be ready to ask them in class or in office hours. For professors I liked, I dropped them an email after the last class, thanking them and letting them know I liked the course. They seemed to appreciate it, but who knows? I think Profs are pretty wary of students angling to get letters.
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