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  1. So I've heard people say that majority of the solicitors is professional responsibility questions? Did anyone feel like this? Thanks
  2. So I felt very crappy after taking the barristers. I felt I made stupid mistakes that cost me to answer 5-6 questions at least incorrectly. I don't if I made stupid mistakes like that all over the exam. Been very low. Have others felt like they've messed up the barristers exam? It baffles me that LSO doesn't even tell students the passing grade. I'm just very de-motivated and feel like I failed.
  3. What would you recommend to do well on the bar exam? Anyone willing to share types of questions that could be asked? Are the answers directly in the materials? Did you mostly rely on indices, detailed table of content or used them only when you weren't sure of an answer?
  4. Are questions equally asked from each section? Or are they asked based on the chapter, i.e civil law section has more questions than the public law section?
  5. How close are the Edmond practice bar exams to the real bar exams?
  6. Does anyone how much importance is given to Family law, specifically equalization payments, spousal support calculations, child support calculations and family law tax principles? I am especially lost with the family law tax principles portion and don't know if I shouldn't bother going into detail.
  7. With Bar exams being online, are people finding it a better option to defer the exams? Just wanted to get people's two cents. Personally I am finding it hard to get through both materials at the moment.
  8. Just wanted to know if the questions on the bar are long passages? Or are they short as the samples ones posted on the LSO's site?
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