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  1. and this https://www.macewan.ca/wcm/SchoolsFaculties/Business/Programs/ParalegalStudies/index.htm This one allows you to get a bachelor of commerce as well.
  2. only universities i know that offer paralegal are https://www.capilanou.ca/programs--courses/program-profiles/paralegal-diploma/ and https://www.capilanou.ca/programs--courses/program-profiles/paralegal-diploma/ But you will need at BA in addition to this.
  3. Businesses also help make society better, such as providing employment and livelihoods for hundreds, if not thousands of people (especially for large companies being represented by law firms on Bay street). These businesses also provides services and products that people value. As a lawyer for these companies, you'd be a part of that.
  4. I think they will send acceptances out in waves. They will wait until June 1 deposit deadline, and then send another wave. I think it will be slow..
  5. They are new and there is a pandemic. Let's be a bit patient
  6. Email from Ryerson, The class is not finalized or "full" at this point. The process is a long one that continues over the summer as other law schools issue more offers and students change their plans. We have a tuition deposit on June 1 where we may have people cancel their offers, and some of the provisional acceptances may change over the next two months as well. Since we are dependant on the decisions of the applicants we cannot predict if more offers will be available. Best,
  7. The stories about ripping the book and ruining computers.
  8. I should prob note that this was from 2 LSAT teachers.
  9. "few incidents in which certain students engaged in ideologically motivated character assassination of other students" What do you mean by this? please clarify...
  10. I've heard horror stories from law students regarding their peers. For example, a U of T law student told me that their fellow peers would sometimes rip pages of a library book that contains the answer to prevent others from studying and getting a question right. I've also heard of people ruining each other's computers etc.
  11. Lenovo Yoga (thinkpad series) 14in Pro -water resistant. I heard that you can pour a cup of water on your laptop and it will not go out (you will need to dry it out though). - Security features (some finger thing on a keyboard, i dont remember the name) - 2 in 1 (tablet and laptop) - Important: extended warranty coverage options with same day service. Cons -?? Kind of expensive but not really an issue for me. Macbook Air/regular macbook Pro - reliable speed. I've had a macbook (in 2013) and it lasted long, at least until someone else poured coffee on it. - Macbook air- light Cons - sensitive to water. (Others may pour coffee on your laptop) - i think apple has shorter warranty. could be wrong. Also, i dont know of any legit sameday service for Macs.
  12. Probably. But i think some people in the group may be staff. You have to provide your student number to verify that you are accepted. I know cause I accidentally clicked join. It probably means that some people are on the admissions committee, as I don't think Ryerson will just give out student numbers to people on FB. Or they are just accepting everyone that provides some kind of student number, which means that the number means nothing. I also think its important to remember that they may be significantly understaffed. They have to deal with LPP, hiring faculty, possibly preparing for virtual classes, other things such as booking classes and people working from home along with other things that come with opening a law school.
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