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  1. Awesome! I'll PM you in a couple of days and add you to a group chat with the other.
  2. Link to video? I feel like it may be hard to understand the main point only reading 3 or 4 sentences.
  3. Hi all, Last year I started a study group for people writing the August 2020 LSAT-FLEX and it went really well. We all helped each other and pushed each other to do better. I did decent, but didn't get the score I really wanted so I'm having another crack at the LSAT this August. If anyone is interested in joining let me know!
  4. The link I am attaching shows the drop in enrollment after 2010, it should be noted this is American data for enrollment not applications. During the last economic crisis the number of applications and 1L students shot up, only to drop the next year. Not saying things will go back to how they were last year next cycle, but I doubt it will be this bad. https://data.lawschooltransparency.com/enrollment/all/
  5. I think this is a great point. It also makes sense because most people here say study where you want to practice.
  6. I guess it would be more useful to let people know which schools they should be applying to in the first place. If someone doesn't want to spend the money on blanketing every school, they could see which schools would be more receptive to their stats. I understand your point though.
  7. Sorry if this already exists/happens. Feel free to delete if so. On Reddit many people will post their stats and a list of all their admissions results. I think that could be useful for many people to know here. I know I'm not alone trying to comb through the different acceptance threads for each school over the years, trying to find people with similar stats, then checking their profile in hopes of seeing their other results. If people made singular posts about all their results in one place it could help others with similar stats. Just a thought.
  8. Do you know if it's 5 years from applying or matriculating?
  9. Willing to drive many places in GTA and southern Ontario.
  10. He wasn't my friend, he was a friend of a friend I only met once or twice. I don't remember any details except what I said in the previous comment. So don't take my word on any of this, I could definitely be wrong.
  11. Are you certain of this? I know someone who goes to Western law who was basically told to apply after his first grades came out (he was near or at the top of his class). I'm pretty sure he didn't have work experience.
  12. Just shoot admissions an email. They're always happy to help prospective students.
  13. Doesn't sound like you're torn to me. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you are wanting to hear - go to TRU.
  14. I've seen people on other online forums get into T14 American schools with your stats. You should roll the dice if that interests you.
  15. Play nice. I'm all for disagreeing with someone, but if we can't be civil and start name calling, it's not possible to have real discussion.
  16. I'm wondering why you keep bringing up sociology. Do you think its particularly relevant to law school in some way? I understand your point about people's biases, but I do not think I agree that it is very relevant to the scenario. I think law faculty are comprised of very intelligent people who are aware of their own biases and can set them aside when reviewing applicants. Anecdotally I know a decent amount of law students from across the political spectrum in many schools. Some of them are conservative in social justice-oriented schools, some are very liberal in more conservative schools. I've listened to the podcast hosted by the deans of Yale and Harvard's law schools. Both agreed that they actively try to create ideologically diverse classes to prevent lectures from being echo chambers and to promote debate. I went to an event hosted by admissions officers at my uni shortly before covid where they made similar remarks. So I understand the point you are trying to make, but I respectfully disagree.
  17. I don't know if this has been asked before but, do adcomms compare your applications between the years? Will they reference your application from a previous year if you re-apply a later cycle?
  18. GPAs as low as mine are rare on this site. Pounced when I saw it.
  19. I certainly don't agree with caricatures of any political party. I don't agree with my party 100% and I think that's true for any reasonable person. In my personal statement I'm going to focus on how my involvement has changed me as a person and how my views have evolved from my experiences. It is a 'personal' statement after all, so I'm going to make it about myself, not the policies.
  20. Well this thread devolved quite predictably. I thank everyone for their responses and will write my PS with a focus on my political experiences.
  21. It is one of the big four you listed. Again I want to reiterate that I have zero issue with the adcomms knowing which party it is. I was only wondering if they would dislike a partisan PS in general. To my knowledge they like to have a class with a variety of viewpoints, so I can't see them discounting anyone for being involved with one of the big four.
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