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  1. Uh Oh. I have similar stats to this and plan on applying next year... Did you have any fails? What are your softs like?
  2. Do you mind me asking what was in your personal statement?
  3. Use this to predict your chances. - https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor
  4. I'm pretty sure they only consider your best LSAT score and no school in Ontario averages your LSAT scores I believe.
  5. Do whatever you feel is best for you. I will say from all the podcasts I've listened to a common theme is that many people are in a big rush to get to law school when they really shouldn't be. It is so imperative that you start in fall 2021? Also are you still in uni? Most schools actually prefer candidates who are older, more mature, and have work experience. Best of luck either way.
  6. It would probably be cheaper to go to neither of those schools and pick one with a lower tuition in a city with lower living costs than Toronto.
  7. No I haven't. But I know someone that is and they seem to be happy with her.
  8. I've heard good things about www.tutoringlsat.com She's based in Markham
  9. That's exactly what I'll do. I feel like I will be on the shorter end of those time frames so August may very well be doable for my goals.
  10. I'm planning to write in August and started studying in early May. I've already finished the LG and LR Bibles and am halfway through the RC Bible (should be finished in ~4 days). How would you prioritize this schedule if you were me. Maybe ~3 weeks drilling, ~3 sections and review, ~3 weeks full tests (probably full tests through the remaining time, maybe 1 a week until this point)? Diagnostic was 154 btw.
  11. How long do you think all of this should take?
  12. I'm not so sure you can focus on speed just yet. It seems like comprehension is the issue. If your comprehension is slow because you are ESL then comprehension should be your #1 priority. Speed will follow once this improves.
  13. It sounds like that is the case. But I wouldn't take doing so many LSATs lightly. Schools do care about how many times you write. If you don't get the score you want in say October, is 1 month enough to study enough to improve a significant amount? Probably not. In my opinion you should give yourself 3 months between writing, at least 2 months as a bare minimum.
  14. By no marks you mean they are not written in? I am interested in the PowerScore work books.
  15. How much individual time does each student get with Yoni?
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