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  1. You might be better off changing your test date then.
  2. I think we need more information. What you should be studying depends on where your strengths and weaknesses are. Personally, games were my strongest, so most of my studying went to the other sections. Near the test date I noticed my games were slipping a bit, so I channeled more effort towards that at the end. I think that was the correct decision. If you are weak in one section of the test, I would say hammer that section until you see your stronger sections take a dip, if they do.
  3. Is there a way we can see all the data of people applying? Would be nice to know if a lot of people are just "shooting their shot" with lower numbers.
  4. You still think its that close of a call? I think that the withdraw doesn't look very good compared to whatever I can pull this mark up to but will flip a coin if need be.
  5. To those still following I got the mark back and it was 70%. It is also worth 40% not 45%. This is better than I expected but obviously still not great. I'm leaning towards keeping the course now. What do you think?
  6. Because there is quite literally no downside so keeping it. It will either be better than 160, or it won't matter.
  7. Do crown attorneys not have a lot of discretion over who they charge? In my law 101 course the prof made it sound like prosecutors in the US "have to" charge people whether they like it or not, while here the crown attorney's job is to "find justice" which includes not charging someone if they feel like its not the right thing to do.
  8. Yes, and I obviously won't do anything until I know the actual grade. I would like to have a plan on the worst case scenario prepared. I honestly do think it may get curved, but not enough to help me. Most profs during Covid have made the courses slightly easier, or less demanding. This professor did the exact opposite. He doubled down saying that we now have "more time"... I am swapping the other class I have with him next semester as we speak.
  9. Even though I have a lot from my first few years? Do you think I should add a half credit next semester to compensate?
  10. What percentage would that be? 70%? I would, but I'm more concerned with having the W on my transcript than not having 5.0.
  11. Sorry I was really defensive there. I'm pretty stressed right now. The midterm was unfortunately worth 40% so it will definitely bring down my average and stop the 'upward trend' I'm trying to achieve. I struggled with personal problems in my first few years of uni and have a bunch of Ws on my transcript and low grades from that time, hence the very bad cGPA. That's what concerns me about adding another at the end of my transcript. But I think a low grade might be even worse. I did research on this forum and found a guy who dropped a course first semester but overloaded the next. Stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment.
  12. Western and Queens as well as the holistic schools in Ontario. L2 is currently 3.15, hopefully 3.7 after this year. Current LSAT is 157, hopefully mid 160s next year. Obviously a lot of unknowns at this point. The most urgent advice I'm looking for is whether or not to drop this course.
  13. Not sure which grading system. It seems like the most common one in Ontario. 4.0 scale I believe. I think my L2 is currently around 3.15, which I'm aware is not competitive. Hopefully after this year it is 3.7. I will not be applying with the 157. I am aiming for at least a 164 which I believe is possible. I have been reading significantly more in the last few months to increase my reading comprehension and speed as this was by far my weakest section. After I graduate I will also be enrolling into a prep course, I self-studied before. As for my softs, I am the founder and president of a major political club on campus. We regularly host events with MPPs and MPs. I have a lot of political volunteering experience as well. Neither of my parents went to uni and both are immigrants. I wasn't planning on making this post on defending my decision to apply for law school but it seems like that's what its become. I am willing to re-evaluate my chances after this school year, for now I'm just going to do the best that I can. If a year from now I don't have an okay GPA and great LSAT I will pursue other career options. I won't drag it out to the point where I am wasting my own time and money.
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