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  1. Félicitations aux personnes nouvellement admises ! Vous avez jusqu'à quand pour accepter/refuser vos offres ?
  2. J'attends encore pour uqam + udem
  3. Oui, vous pouvez être accepté à condition d'obtenir la note requise pour le TEF. Si vous n'obtenez pas la note, votre demande est refusée.
  4. raylaw


    Comment accéder à cette partie du portail ? Je ne vois que ma demande actuelle et mes anciennes
  5. L'uqam envoie-t-elle habituellement ses réponses avant l'udem ou les deux temps d'attente sont similaires? Je sais qu'il est encore très tôt, mais je suis hyper impatiente lool😫
  6. Je n'arrive pas à le trouver sur le site, y aura-t-il enfin des entrevues pour l'automne 2021 ? (pour uqam)
  7. What did it say before this?
  8. Je crois qu'il y a déjà une discussion à ce sujet!
  9. I don't think there are interviews for this term due to the pandemic!
  10. Oui! J'ai reçu le même courriel hier et comme toi, j'ai fait une demande pour un seul programme. J'espère qu'on va avoir des bonnes nouvelles bientôt
  11. Hi! Just to let you both know that I recently took the TFI in person at Centre Artigue! They are a language school here in mtl. You can visit their website/call them to find out about their next date but I just did mine Nov 17
  12. Yes you could! The TFI/TEF is an independent thing. Many people take these tests for a variety of reasons, not just to be accepted into law school. Therefore, you are definitely allowed to take the test before having applied as many times as you'd like and you are free to send in whichever results you deem best. I recently contacted Udem admissions and they said that your grade for this exam doesn't matter, as long as it is above a 785/990 (for the TFI, not sure about TEF) you are admissible to the program and a higher grade does not mean a higher chance of getting accepted.
  13. Right now I've had a very hard time finding another option. I recently signed up for the TFI at Centre Lartigue (in person as well) but if that gets cancelled too then I really think the last option is TEF express
  14. Ugh the same thing happened to me when I applied 2 years ago - it sucks. Did you manage to successfully sign up for any of the TFI dates without it being cancelled a few weeks later? I tried to sign up at college momo and now UQAM but both exams are cancelled let me know if you have any luck. Also good luck to you for the exam!!
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