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  1. Salut! Savez-vous s’il y a une liste d'attente pour UQAM? Le statut de ma demande vient de changer de “décision en attente" à “à venir", mais je ne peux pas m'inscrire aux cours dans le portail, donc j'imagine que ça ne sera pas une bonne nouvelle...
  2. Merci pour ta réponse! Je me demande aussi s'ils prennent en compte le nombre de crédits universitaires... Par exemple, si deux personnes ont la même moyenne, mais une a complété plus de crédits, est-ce que ça pourrait augmenter leur cote Laval?
  3. Savez-vous comment ils calculent la cote Laval? Est-ce qu’ils regardent notre cote-R du cégep même pour les candidats universitaires? Est-ce qu’ils considèrent aussi le nombre de crédits qu'on a complétés?
  4. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about that. Maybe I can help, I was waitlisted with a lower gpa in poli sci, however, I will be completing my BA this semester (90 credits). According to the USherbrooke "Politique d'admission au baccalauréat en droit", once you've completed more than 75 credits in a 1st cycle program, that adds 1 "point" to the CRU. I'm assuming this might be why I was placed on the waitlist and others with a higher GPA but less credits may not have been... but there may be other criteria I'm not aware of. I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck!
  5. Salut! J’ai fait mon bac en science politique à Concordia
  6. sur la liste d’attente aussi, pour le cheminement régulier et JD. 3.61/4.3 en science politique, 78 crédits.
  7. I received my acceptance tonight! cGPA: 3.61
  8. Hey! I think it's normal. I'm also waiting for my answer and they received all of my documents on Feb 18. I think we'll both probably receive our answers in the next couple weeks! I know the wait seems really long haha
  9. Congrats!! Can I ask, when did you apply/send your transcript? Just to know around how long it takes to receive an answer
  10. Hi! Would you be willing to share your stats? I also applied to Uottawa and am still waiting
  11. S17

    UDEM 2020

    I agree, the level of difficulty on the express exam was not what I expected after doing the prep material! Have you done the in-person TEF as well? How did you find it compared?
  12. S17

    UDEM 2020

    for those who were waitlisted— are you able to see your rank on the list? I seem to be having some trouble accessing the site and cannot see my rank. and congrats to you all!!😊
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