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  1. I went to a McGill law info session back at the beginning of my undergrad (at McGill) and from what I remember it's cGPA but they also look at improvement over time. So not strictly a B2/B3/etc approach but I guess you can interpret it kind of that way. Like if you do better towards the end of your undergrad, in an increasing trend, then they may look on that more favourably even if your cGPA isn't that great.
  2. around 180 I think, with about 30-40 going to cegep students
  3. Going based off some posts from last year I think we'll hear some more waitlist/rejections/acceptances by the last two weeks of may! I guess this makes sense especially because it's likely that by then everyone's marks from the Winter 2021 semester will probably be posted and available for admissions to look at. agreed though this wait is horrible
  4. I used Khan Academy when I studied for the LSAT. It's a good resource, especially for drilling questions. I would however supplement your studied with maybe other resources if you can afford it (Powerscore, 7sage, etc.). Also, I'm pretty sure the LSAT scores are "curved" or change a little bit from test to test which may explain the discrepancies in your scores
  5. I can't speak to 7sage, but I studied using Khan Academy, Powerscore Bibles, and I bought LSAT tests 50-82 (I think? I can't remember the exact test #; I was also able to find tests 40-50 online). I personally found Khan Academy useful for drilling and getting a feel for the test. If you go online, Powerscore has guides where they break down your workload to help you figure out what to study when. So, for example, if you have 4 months to study, they offer an outline of how to approach your studying. I found this really helpful to have a basic idea of my study schedule. I also modified the schedule to fit my needs/days a little more. Having around 30-40 tests was helpful for me. I began by doing 1 a week then when I finished the Powerscore Bibles I upped it to 2/3 tests a week. As you study, you'll get a general idea of the sections you need to improve on and your strengths. For the first two months of studying I was so lost and felt overwhelmed, but by the 2nd month things kinda clicked and I found my groove and momentum. Even if you don't use the Powerscore books, go check out their study schedules. It may give you an idea of how to approach your studying. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
  6. are you a university applicant?
  7. juste par curiosité, quel bloc avez-vous choisi pour vos cours? je me suis inscrite au bloc C
  8. bonjour! Dans mon compte j'ai un solde de -300$. Est-ce que c'est normal?
  9. I think it's definitely possible to still be accepted without getting waitlisted just based off what I've seen on this forum in previous years. Don't take my word on that though
  10. pretty sure mcgill waitlist is not ranked!
  11. salut, savez-vous si les cours seront en personne en automne?
  12. si tu choisis Ottawa, je croix que tu peux rester une année de plus et obtenir ton JD
  13. aka students entering straight from cegep I'm curious to know the opinions of people outside of Quebec, people who didn't go to cegep, and people perhaps in Quebec law schools right now who have students from cegep in their class. I feel like I matured immensely after cegep and during my undergrad, especially in terms of my work ethic and mindset, and can't imagine having gone straight to law school after I had graduated cegep. Of course, I recognize that this really depends from person to person, but I think there's a huge difference between 19 year olds (some people from the french system also enter as young as 18) and 22/23 year olds (if going straight from undergrad to law). I'd love to hear your thoughts! (ps. it is not my intention to undermine the hard work and effort of students who come from cegep! I know how hard cegep can be from personal experience, but I do think the level of difficulty of a regular undergraduate degree is generally more challenging)
  14. I'm rejecting my spot tonight, I had accepted and was debating between ottawa and udem but decided on udem. Hopefully there'll be some movement on the waitlist very soon!
  15. just out of curiosity, does anyone know if there's a waitlist?
  16. oh wow! How did you guys find out about this
  17. still on RFR so i'm in the same boat, but honestly I don't think reaching out to them will do anything to speed up the process. McGill even says on their website that waitlist opens in May, they try to have answers given to everyone by end of June (meaning you'd know rejected/waitlist/accepted). I honestly think that admissions offices, for all schools, do try to be as quick as possible and do the best they can (but maybe i'm being too optimistic lol) anyway, idk if reaching out will do anything but i sympathize with your frustration
  18. A question to the people who recently got acceptances, what deadline did they give you to accept?
  19. Waitlist opens in May, I have a feeling a bunch of us may be waitlisted!! which is always better than a rejection lol
  20. I'm from Montreal and did my undergrad at McGill, but I commute to school. However I just wanted to say that getting an apartment that close to campus would be a godsend. I don't know anything about the living situation, but I can say that McGill law campus is situated at the top of the 'hill', up Peel Street, and that walk is horrible in the winter and the sidewalks near the law buildings are super icy and bad during the winter. SO just based off that I feel like living 5 min away from campus would be a godsend. You can send me a PM if u have any questions about the campus and how to get there from different neighbourhoods if you want, I'd be happy to help.
  21. oh no, this made me sad i've seen you on this forum all year feels like the end of an era. Your stats are great and your application can only get even stronger from here, best of luck for next cycle !!!! Your L2 and LSAT are great, I'm sure you'll end up somewhere just as great!!
  22. Do any of you know if/when a deposit is due? I cant find this info anywhere for some reason
  23. Just to offer a different perspective, I actually found that knowing I could take the LSAT again was a disadvantage. When I was writing it the first time I got stressed halfway through and instead of pushing through I just fell into the mentality of being like "it's fine whatever I'll just retake it in November". This made it so I basically mentally gave up instead of ignoring those thoughts and pushing through. When I retook the LSAT the second time I couldn't allow myself to think like that because there was no other chance to take it again. So in my opinion, if you're going to take the LSAT at a later date I don't know how much taking it earlier as a trial run would benefit you. But who knows maybe you'll actually get a good score on that first write! Some people excel even with limited studying just some food for thought, obviously it depends on how you operate and deal with stress, studying, and exams. also i was burned out and tired on my first LSAT lol so take this with a grain of salt
  24. I realize it's very difficult to know this but does anyone have some idea or speculation on how many people from the waitlist get in each year? I think the waitlist starts in May so I'm just wondering! I'm losing my mind out here
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