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  1. I know this topic has been discussed before but I'd like to hear some new personal experiences if anyone would like to share. What's it like being an anglophone in a predominantly french university? Did you find it isolating/intimidating or did you eventually find it easy to fall into the rhythm of things? For me, I'm more nervous about interacting in french with other students. My french written and reading abilities are pretty good, but when it comes time to speaking french I get nervous and find myself stumbling over my words. I realize this is because of lack of practice/everyday exposure. If anyone has similar experiences I'd really love to hear from you!
  2. im not 100% sure at all but I read somewhere that as long as you submit the results 40 days before class registration its ok, however you risk them taking back your acceptance if you fall below the accepted score.
  3. I'd also just like to point out (as lolschool says) it's insanely way too soon to panic and stress about this. People get accepted or put on the waitlist all the way into August. As long as you haven't been rejected yet don't freak out! No answer is better than rejection and leaves room for hope that you may get in eventually. Relax and good luck everyone!
  4. I have pretty solid extracurriculars I'd say, I've worked full time during my undergrad, tutored in community centres, and ran an official student service. Obviously, I'm biased but I think my personal statement is relatively strong, tied in why I want to go to McGill and my personal experiences. My French is strong as I've lived in Montreal my whole life and went to french high school. I'm a little 'worried' on the LOR front, one of my letters I'm confident about (a professor I've had for 3 courses), but the other one is most likely generic and average (the professor I was close to and hoping for refused due to health reasons). Thanks in advance!
  5. This is a question regarding the civil law program. Does anyone know if Quebec universities automatically send our transcripts electronically to Ottawa? They have this automatic process for CEGEP grades but there's nothing about whether university transcripts follow the same. thank you!
  6. Hi, if anyone has applied to civil law yet can you please message me I have a question. Thank you!!
  7. I was under the impression you could apply and get conditional acceptance as long as you take the TEF and pass before the official school year starts, but following I would like to know as well
  8. Do I have a decent shot at getting into ottawa?
  9. My gpa is a 3.6/4.0. Do I have a decent chance at the LLL program?
  10. On their website, McGill says they take into account the final year of your undergraduate degree. I see how this could make sense, especially with acceptances that go out after may. However, what about people who receive acceptances in december? Also, wouldn't that imply that they don't make decisions on people completing their undergrad until way after nov 1?
  11. I'm a little stressed for my letters of rec. For one of them I feel generally pretty confident that the professor will provide a good reference as she has known me for a year and accepted to write it. I was stuck for a second reference and one of my profs agreed to write it though they don't know me well and seemed hesitant. I have no choice but to go with this reference but am worried it'll screw me over. I would love some thoughts and insights please
  12. Hi all! I'm very confused about the difference between the two programs. From what I understand, the civil law degree is 3 years and the PDC is a civil law degree and common law degree in 3 years. What would be a motivating factor to do the PDC instead of LLL and then one extra year for the JD?
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