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  1. Waitlist opens in May, I have a feeling a bunch of us may be waitlisted!! which is always better than a rejection lol
  2. I'm from Montreal and did my undergrad at McGill, but I commute to school. However I just wanted to say that getting an apartment that close to campus would be a godsend. I don't know anything about the living situation, but I can say that McGill law campus is situated at the top of the 'hill', up Peel Street, and that walk is horrible in the winter and the sidewalks near the law buildings are super icy and bad during the winter. SO just based off that I feel like living 5 min away from campus would be a godsend. You can send me a PM if u have any questions about the campus and how to get there from different neighbourhoods if you want, I'd be happy to help.
  3. oh no, this made me sad i've seen you on this forum all year feels like the end of an era. Your stats are great and your application can only get even stronger from here, best of luck for next cycle !!!! Your L2 and LSAT are great, I'm sure you'll end up somewhere just as great!!
  4. Do any of you know if/when a deposit is due? I cant find this info anywhere for some reason
  5. Just to offer a different perspective, I actually found that knowing I could take the LSAT again was a disadvantage. When I was writing it the first time I got stressed halfway through and instead of pushing through I just fell into the mentality of being like "it's fine whatever I'll just retake it in November". This made it so I basically mentally gave up instead of ignoring those thoughts and pushing through. When I retook the LSAT the second time I couldn't allow myself to think like that because there was no other chance to take it again. So in my opinion, if you're going to take the LSAT at a later date I don't know how much taking it earlier as a trial run would benefit you. But who knows maybe you'll actually get a good score on that first write! Some people excel even with limited studying just some food for thought, obviously it depends on how you operate and deal with stress, studying, and exams. also i was burned out and tired on my first LSAT lol so take this with a grain of salt
  6. I realize it's very difficult to know this but does anyone have some idea or speculation on how many people from the waitlist get in each year? I think the waitlist starts in May so I'm just wondering! I'm losing my mind out here
  7. I took the flex in august of last year then retook in November. I scored WAY lower than my PTs in august and I honestly think it's because of burnout. When I retook in November I didn't study as hard or in the same way because I already "knew the material". All I did was about 1hr per day to keep my skills fresh. I managed to do decently on my rewrite (164). The reason I mention this is because with a month and a half of studying it's likely that you're going to have to put in quite a few hours of intense studying to grasp the LSAT concepts enough to reach a 170, which can lead to burnout. If you take more months to study you can divide your study time into a more manageable and reasonable schedule which I think will benefit you in the long run. Basically, sure you can do it if you're willing to put in the hours and the work. However be aware that it's likely you'll burn yourself out, which can negatively impact your performance.
  8. Congrats!!! Did you guys get an email update or whatever or did you log onto minerva and check?
  9. Bonne idée! est-ce que tu sais s'il y a un groupe sur Facebook?
  10. udem (and other civil law schools) had a later application deadline and so acceptances usually go well into april, may, and june! Online they've also said that they give out over 400 offers, so don't lose hope yet! I still have friends who have not heard back yet either and their cGPAs were a little higher than mine
  11. i love u thank u LOL this makes me feel slightly better godspeed
  12. Do you guys think that our applications haven't been looked at yet or that we've "made it through" past the rejections so far?
  13. Congrats on the internship too haha! I haven't done it yet, doing it at the end of the month!
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