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  1. Some law schools drop certain number of courses from the gpa calculation based on their own individual policies(check their websites and FAQ sections to find out more). Based on your stats (I'm assuming without drops) you have a great shot at most schools in Canada so I'd say apply broadly to those that interests you!
  2. Hey disclaimer as I am also studying for the LSAT right now so by no means an expert. From all the advice I've received and time spent on studying I think the best self study resources are 7Sage, LSAT Demon and the LR Loophole by Ellen Cassidy. Princeton, Blueprint etc seem to be super insufficient compared to these resources. The best strategy would be likely be a combination of these tools then a private tutor for the sections needing further improvement. I would say with your amazing GPA you may have a shot at holistic schools like Ryerson but may fall short of Osgoode, Western, Queens etc unless you get that 160+. I wouldn't let that gpa go to waste so would definitely take the time to hit the 160+ even if you have to delay a cycle. Just my thoughts, best of luck!
  3. Damn kudos to you for trooping through. That is commendable considering how tough it must be to study/perform for the LSAT while having those symptoms. I would definitely consider applying access if this chronically affected you throughout undergrad as well. Hopefully you can improve your LSAT a couple points as that would give you a good shot at UWO imo under access category. If law school is the dream don't let up!
  4. Hey so just to confirm - is Alberta doing what U of C is doing and including all available Winter and Summer 2020 grades in the GPA calculation? (and just counting the CR/NC for credit but not using for gpa calculation in the L60(L20))?
  5. yeah it makes no sense. I'm considering not even applying if this policy stays because it completely disadvantages those who actually received credits the past two semesters, an entire worth of courses...unbelievable.
  6. same here, I fail to see how they came up with this strict policy when almost every other law school has implemented more inclusive and appropriate ways to deal with COVID-19 impacted semesters. Also why is summer 2020 even included..no universities consider that semester to be COVID impacted. It is what it is I guess.
  7. Hey just wanted to update yall - so looks like they updated their policy on the website and they are actually dismissing all courses from winter and summer 2020 for gpa calculations. https://www.tru.ca/law/admissions/faqs.html
  8. Hey TRU law prospects, Just saw this update on TRU Law website (https://www.tru.ca/law/admissions/faqs.html): As a result of COVID-19, we are aware that many universities moved to a form of pass/fail or credit/no credit grading for the Winter 2020 (Jan-Apr) and Summer 2020 (May-Aug) semesters. In some cases, students were given an option to select pass/fail instead of grading, but in some cases the change was mandatory. In response to these circumstances, TRU Law will not include any marks from January 2020 through August 2020 for any student when calculating admissions GPA. Courses taken during this time period will still be counted to assess whether you have completed sufficient credits toward an undergraduate degree. They will simply not be included in calculating your GPA. For those applicants currently enrolled in university courses, we will however include Fall 2020 (Sept-Dec) grades when calculating GPA. Final grades, or lack thereof from January 2020 to August 2020, will therefore not negatively or positively affect your application. ... Interesting indeed..
  9. That's some great info! thanks for letting us know. Btw did they mention anything about how they will treat Pass/Fail courses from Winter 2020?
  10. Hi Malina, Firstly, thank you and your admissions team for implementing such a fair gpa calculation process for the upcoming cycle all things considered. Just a quick question, so if the last 20 half-courses includes a half "CREDIT" course in the Winter 2020 semester, does that mean it suffices as part of the count for 20 half-courses but just will not be included in the numerical GPA calculation? (therefore the last 20 half-courses gpa would just be calculated using the remaining 19 numerical, above D+, half-courses of the last 20 half-courses?)
  11. Wow that's an amazing score - just curious, what was your study strategy while completing the Trainer? I'm currently following the 3 month schedule but am wondering if I should do practice tests earlier than it has scheduled. Also was the Trainer helpful for LG? I've heard mixed reviews about that section. Appreciate any insights
  12. Hello law fam, I have a quick couple questions regarding L2 GPA for the 2021 application cycle. My cgpa is around 2.5 and my L2 gpa will be around 3.6-3.7 at the end of this summer. My issue is with my current school going into optional pass/fail I have the option to make one of my courses this semester which is a 73 into a Pass and this will bump my average up to get in the Dean's List, should I take this option or keep the 73%? all my other courses for this semester are 3.7+. I am also primarily looking to apply to L2 and B2 schools such as Calgary, Alberta, Dalhousie, TRU, RyeU and Western to name a few. Second, with admissions committees still trying to figure out what to do with P/F courses, will this affect my L20 calculation even if I can provide them a official letter from my university of the original numeric grade so they can still use my only PASS as a grade rather than go dip back into my abysmal semesters of the past? Is this worth the extra step to get a Dean's List award and slight bump in gpa? Finally, at the end of the summer I will have 19/20 L2 courses complete and will have to take the remaining course come fall, while writing the LSAT at some point in the fall as well. So just wondering is there a chance some law schools will go to last 15 credits(L15) or best 20 courses or something to accommodate for the COVID-19 situation and P/F courses from these few semesters for the 2021 cycle? I really want to just focus on studying for my LSAT and doing great than have to focus on yet another course just to get the last 20th undergrad course done. Any tips/insights will be appreciated!
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