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  1. Got the email this morning! First Ontario acceptance so I'm super excited. cGPA : 3.2 LSAT : 154 Really strong ECs and LORs imo!
  2. I am trying to apply to this program ( I know the deadline is in a few days lol) but on OLSAS it is not giving me the option for the Dual JD school submission (it has been added to my choices though). Has anyone had this problem??? Am I just dumb and doing something wrong??? PLZ HELP
  3. Eating disorders most definitely took a toll on my grades. From my experience, You lack focus, you want to sleep all the time, etc. I think as long as you explained your situation and how it’s impacted your grades in Part B that should be fine regardless of what stage of recovery you’re in. Hope this helps and best of luck with your recovery!
  4. Can anyone give me some insight on Stetson Law? I know the location is supposedly amazing (as a Canadian applicant this is very important to me lol) but I would like to know more about the school if there are any individuals who have attended/are attending Stetson.
  5. That’s honestly so shocking to me! I will say I think I have a very strong personal statement and great references from profs. My ECs include multiple executive positions for school clubs including the “justice political philosophy and law” society, tutoring, welcome week planning committee, competitive powerlifting and lots of experiential travelling. Hope this helps!
  6. waitlisted yesterday, notified by email! have been creeping this forum for a while and finally decided to make an account. CGPA 3.2 LSAT 154 I know my stats are low and I am not really hopeful. Recently applied to some American schools too because I am not confident about getting accepted in Ontario.
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