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  1. Congrats on your acceptance! Will you be accepting or declining? As well, would you mind sharing the deadline you were given to accept by?
  2. I was a waitlisted applicant last year, and didn't hear I was waitlisted until late-June. It seems that they put out quite a few acceptances in May/June, so unfortunately, there is a good chance some of us might be in for a bit of a wait! Not exactly sure of the reason, but they seem to run on a later timeline than many other schools.
  3. Would definitely accept an offer from USask as well 😊
  4. I didn’t receive this email either, and wrote the January LSAT.
  5. Excellent. Just the moment I’ve been waiting for.
  6. This is good to know, I appreciate your honesty and your response!
  7. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/61353-accepted-sask-2020/ Taking a look at last year's acceptance thread will likely help you gauge your chances. I recall there being a few people accepted later in the cycle with similar stats, but I'm not too sure about the SK connection in those instances.
  8. This may be my lack of legal experience speaking, but is it typical that firms such as these have a sort of reputation that students can easily become aware of or would career advising within a law school be able to provide information on a specific firm's retention rates? Or maybe networking is the key to finding this out? I can't say enough how much I appreciate your response, as well as the others who've contributed. I've seen some of your contributions on other family law related posts and they're extraordinarily insightful! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  9. Hello all, 0L here with hopes of an acceptance to begin law school in 2021. I am an applicant with several years of work experience in family and youth services. This experience has led me to take a great interest in the area of family law, which I hope to eventually practice in (although, I am open to other practice areas as well). With several years ahead of me before beginning to practice, I am hoping to gain some wisdom/insights/things you wish you knew before you entered the field of family law. There are several very useful threads on the forum pertaining to family law, but many seem to be geared towards articling students and practicing lawyers. However, this forum is vast and I would appreciate being pointed in the direction of any useful threads I may have overlooked in my search. I am primarily interested in knowing the following, but would appreciate any related insights as well: 1) Recommendations for opportunities during law school that would assist in experiencing the field as a student 2) High-level pros/cons of family law (I have heard burnout rate can be high in this area) 3) Reality of having a positive impact on children in this field - I would be entering this field, with some hope that I could assist in lessening the impact of major disruptions in family life on children, is this approach misguided or naive? 4) Any other advice or things you wish you knew before entering the field of family law! A big thank you to anyone willing to share their feedback or experiences.
  10. Has there been any info shared regarding what September, 2021 may look like (i.e. in-person, hybrid, online etc.)? I imagine it's likely too early to tell, but thought you may have heard some chatter within the college.
  11. I’m definitely no expert, but if there isn’t an area to actually upload your items, I would contact the USask Admissions team to see if they can assist. When I submitted my application, all of the supplemental items were showing right away, with an option to upload documents.
  12. I believe noting it on your application was sufficient when I was emailing with them, Michelle (from USask Admissions) confirmed that they pull your score after the latest exam date marked on your application.
  13. If you have notified them that you are writing in January, they will pull another report to add the score to your application following score release in February. If you didn’t note on your submitted application that you are writing in Jan, I would send them an email to ensure the new score isn’t overlooked or missed. Always better to be on the safe side in my opinion!
  14. I haven’t attempted any communication via phone, but have emailed and received a reply within a few days both times. I did receive an auto-reply mentioning they normally experience higher than usual email volumes at this time of year, so maybe that is cause for delay? The email below is where I’ve had luck. Hopefully you get in touch with someone soon! [email protected]
  15. You should be able to upload your documentation through your USask portal under the My Account tab --> My Application --> Action (click 'view' underneath this heading) --> Supplemental Items & Documentation --> and once you've gotten to this point, your 'Supplemental Items & Doc' should have a list of all of the outstanding documents they still require on your behalf. You can click on each outstanding item and upload your documents as attachments. If you're not able to click/view these upload areas, I would likely contact USask IT.
  16. For those who have already submitted your USask application, but are taking the January LSAT, does it say 'received" under your supplemental items list for the LSAT requirement? I thought this was odd since I noted that I would be taking the exam again in January. I did have a previous LSAT score, but assumed they would update this requirement in February once my final score becomes available. On my LSAC account, it says USask requested my score report in late November, and I don't want my application to be considered before the Jan exam. Have any other January LSAT takers encountered this as well? I figured if I'm the only one in this circumstance, I ought to just email USask directly.
  17. Welcome! I have applied and uploaded all required documents as well, and receive the same “action required” messaging when I login. I was an applicant last year and recall my file showing in a similar way until June when my application was assessed and waitlisted, so I wouldn’t worry. As for the official transcripts, you are correct, they won’t request those until you’ve been formally accepted.
  18. I believe the question asked was something along the lines of, "What was the range of LSAT scores for accepted applicants?" and this was how the admissions officer responded (range of 156-161). It was surprising to me as well, I would have thought there would have been applicants with higher scores that accepted. However, based on the 'USask Accepted' thread from this past cycle, it seems there were many offers made to folks who had scores above that range. I will also caution that it seemed she was specifying the range in reference to regular category applicants though , so there is a possibility there were both higher and lower scores outside of that range.
  19. I certainly can’t speak for all Canadian schools, but this question was asked when I attended the USask and UCalgary sessions during the LSAC Forum and both schools confirmed they were viewing the flex in the same way as the regular exam.
  20. This info may also be helpful. One of the USask Admissions Officers, Michelle, mentioned during the LSAC Forum a few days ago that for accepted regular category applicants from this past cycle, the LSAT score range was between 156-161. She didn’t however mention anything about access category, which may have different stats.
  21. Hey! I was a waitlisted applicant this year at USask and was unfortunately unsuccessful. My stats were very similar to yours (3.8/4 & 153) and like you, I have a very strong SK connection (born and raised) and have done my schooling in Alberta. I don’t believe this weakens the SK connection in anyway. I am currently in the process of studying for the November LSAT sitting and believe my application will be much stronger with a higher LSAT. If you are concerned about your conflicting schedule, it may help to know that I wrote the January LSAT earlier this year, which USask accepts. I wanted to share my experience to help give you a small piece of insight into my process this past year, but everyone’s application and experiences are unique, so there is no reason to say it won’t work out for you with your existing stats. Best of luck!
  22. Received the official notice today that my application was unsuccessful. Was notified via email and the USask portal was updated as well.
  23. I believe they do notify candidates either way. The waitlist letter mentions that they will contact those waitlisted by email if they are able to offer a seat, or if the class is full.
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