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  1. I attended the Q&A webinar last week and the overarching sentiment is that they don’t know what will happen yet. Big lectures will almost 100% be online but they are trying to see if they can hold some smaller classes and extracurriculars in person. I filled out the form to keep myself in consideration for an offer even though I’m waiting to hear more information about classes before deciding. I don’t think that anything is binding until you’ve signed your offer. I figured I can always just decline the offer if I no longer want to live there. Hopefully we will know more information about classes soon!
  2. Fair points! Glad to hear I won’t be alone if I end up deciding to live there Yeah I don’t have a car so I was a bit worried about the transit situation and just the relative isolation of the campus location if everything is closed. I think I’ll wait to hear what will be able to be held in person before making a final decision.
  3. Are people still planning to live in Osgoode Chambers? I’m a bit unsure if I want to live near York now that classes will mostly be online, I was under the impression that living near York which is far away from a lot of amenities was a trade off for being close to the school for the large amount of time 1Ls need to spend on campus. I’m a bit afraid of feeling isolated in my apartment, as even if we do have in person instruction it will only be a couple of times a week at most. Was thinking I may look into trying to find a lease with other students instead. What are people’s thoughts?
  4. The location definitely sounds ideal!! Did you have any problems with safety living there? And also did you find it easy to meet people within the building?
  5. Appreciate you taking the time to answer questions! Was just wondering what your thoughts are about living in Osgoode Chambers vs. off-campus as a 1L?
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