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  1. Applied to the Access category. GPA dropped when I was sick.
  2. Yeah I applied to many school. Just curious about competitiveness for Queens. I applied to Queen based on their description for the access category. I wonder if I would have a chance at U of Ottawa.
  3. I thought the min requirement was 154 in access. Shot in the dark. From their access admission page Competitive applicants should have at least a “B+” average (GPA 3.3) in their best two years of their undergraduate degree program at a full course load along with an LSAT score of at least 154.
  4. Access category. Was sick for two years of Uni. Bounced back and did great in final two years. I don't really want to take the lsat again. ECs debate club and charity.
  5. Hello, I haven't received any confirmation email from the university or any email regarding creating an account. Has anyone received an email confirming that their application has been submitted?
  6. York just got hacked so they could have temporarily disabled OASIS. https://safety.yorku.ca/2020/05/community-update-2-information-technology-system-disruption/
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