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  1. Definitely unrelated to the content discussed on the site -- but check your degree progress report. If you still have questions, PM me. I just graduated from the Law and Society program at York.
  2. I also got an email from Ottawa on Monday. Aside from Ottawa, I have only been sent credential from Windsor. I guess other schools haven't sent it yet.
  3. Haha in the same boat as you! I'm writing the January test. I'm going to just relax for a day or two cause I'm just so tired before getting back to work.
  4. When I was uploading my access claim document, it was not uploading either. Spoke to someone and all I had to do was change the name of the file. Mine said Oct 30. It should have no special characters, only letters. Not sure if this applies in your case but figured it might help to share. Hope this helps
  5. Sorry, should have clarified it does take space! I had to take out some words to get this done. But, if you have not done so yet, I went to the end of every paragraph and found most had a space next to them that could be deleted. I got at least a few characters from doing this.
  6. Personally, I did not indent at all. I just did not have the space for it. I tried to maintain at least one empty line between paragraphs so they didn't look too bulky or wordy.
  7. Yeah, I just ended up putting #5 at the top and input my text on the next line.
  8. I was gonna start a new thread but saw this so I figured I would just ask -- I just finished part B for Western. I finished at 1,999 characters out of 2,000. Just wondering, did anyone specify which question they had answered? Do you think it would be okay if I just put #5 at the very beginning?
  9. The only aspect that seems significantly different to me is that they make students take technology based courses. Including a coding course (forget if this was just an example used or this is required course). I spoke to a rep from Ryerson Law during one of the LSAC virtual law school forums who told me all this. Plus, I believe something about this is included in the questions for PS. She also added that you can be a complete beginner when it comes to these courses. However, that is what deterred me from applying as I do not want to take a coding course. Anyways, I think them being different comes from them "a new kind of legal education is required to equip the lawyers of the 21st century. Our innovative program includes a focus on hands-on learning, financial literacy, equity and access to justice and mentorships."
  10. I'm so down for this! Please let me know if I can still join. Thanks!
  11. I pretty much wrote about the places I volunteered where I spent more time and got more experience cause for the third question they ask a fairly similar question and I'm going to put the places I spent less time volunteering with for the third question. Also, I incorporated the mission, vision and values by just comparing them to the skills I attained at the places I volunteered.
  12. Hi! For anyone who was accepted into Windsor or is applying this cycle, I was just wondering for the second question 2. Have you been involved in community engagement or other activities that may assist in a future career as an ethical, justice-seeking lawyer? Please describe any experience, skills, or interests you have that reflect Windsor Laws Mission, Vision and Values as stated above. how did you interpret this? Did you discuss whatever community engagement you had and directly related it to the mission, vision and/or values? For example, "X was a rewarding position as similar to the uni's mission it was ...." - super basic example I am probably overthinking this a little but I am messing with the character count now and I was just hoping to get a little insight into what you guys think. Thanks!
  13. If you don't mind, can you link me to the workshop! I'm working on my all my personal statements now and I would not mind some tips.
  14. Damn, I’m sorry about that. That’s a pretty good LSAT score too. Do you mind sharing what your extra curricular’s were?
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