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  1. Accepted around April. LSAT: 154 cGPA: 3.6ish Just finished undergrad. STEM background with thesis. Personal statement wasn't really tailored towards social justice.
  2. I believe Western Law also specifically reserves a certain number of seats for HBA students for their HBA/Law dual degree. So you may have a slight advantage applying there from Ivey; however, like KingofQueens said, the standard deviation for grades is very tight meaning that there's a higher probability that you'll end up with atleast some high 70s (3.3s on the OLSAS scale).
  3. Hi guys I already submitted my transcript to OLSAS around 2 weeks ago when all my final marks were in, however there were no comments on program completion in the transcript. My school just updated my transcript to say: - program completed - graduation in spring with distinction - deans honor list Do I/should I resubmit a new transcript to OLSAS? Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. Thanks for the reply guys!! My cGPA that I applied with was a 3.58. This goes up to a 3.62 when I include finalized 4th year marks. New L2-3.66 , B3 - 3.7 Lsat 154 Accepted into Windsor atm, want to go to Queens
  5. Hi guys I got accepted to a school that wasn't my top choice and am waiting to hear back from a few other schools. What are your thoughts on accepting a school that isn't your top choice versus waiting a year and reapplying next cycle? I'm assuming I can raise my LSAT, and my GPA will be higher as my fourth year marks would be finalized. Would it be detrimental to start 1L one year later given that I am able to start in September? Thanks in advance!!!!
  6. Im looking into going into potentially intellectual property or personal injury. I haven't been able to find much on upper year courses online--does Windsor offer a good selection of courses for these?? Also is there an exchange program?? Thank you!
  7. Do you know if Windsor Law has an exchange program? Tried to look online but didn't find anything!
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