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  1. Uottawa is unfortunately really unorganized and slow, so I try not to hope for too much. In the first cycle that I applied, they rejected me in July. Last cycle, they rejected me in Mid-August. No waitlist or explanation as to why the process took so long (despite my concerned e-mails throughout the summer). However, this year they seem to be doing more consistent rounds of rejections and an earlier waitlist... I'm not sure what to believe, as people with higher stats than myself have been rejected. Fingers crossed.
  2. ok happy to hear that there are folks with similar or just generally solid stats still waiting on here lol. At least reassuring to know I'm not alone!
  3. Hey everyone! Just trying to get an idea of how many people are still waiting to hear from Queens. It seems like they did a round (or two) of rejections and have had pretty consistent acceptance rounds this month, I feel like I'm among the minority who hasn't heard anything from them yet. I did apply last cycle and was rejected in the first round that went out (it seemed like there was only one round of rejections last cycle from Queens - they all happened at the end of June). I understand that last year was likely an anomaly due to the virus, but the waiting process was so excruciating that I'm hoping I'm not waiting a similar extended period of time for disappointing news again. I'll provide some info on what type of applicant I am. Completed an MA. I would say fairly decent extra curriculars and references, nothing too groundbreaking but still involved consistently. I would say that my PS was tailored towards Queens, which I had not done in the previous cycles - I believe it was strong but I'm sure that's subjective, as everyone feels that their statements are compelling. LSAT: 158 (highest) GPA (L2): 3.7 I am also still waiting to hear from: Ottawa, Windsor, Dalhousie and Osgoode (although I'm not holding my breath for OZ based on the acceptance threads - they're already accepting off the waitlist - probably just delaying rejections). I know my stats are right on the cusp, or mediocre, so it's odd for me to see people with stronger stats than myself to get rejected before me this cycle. In the previous two cycles that I applied, Queens rejected me in the first wave of rejections. I'm hoping that this is a good sign - trying to stay optimistic without deluding myself! I guess I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and what we should be expecting at this stage in the cycle. Best of luck to all of my fellow waiting applicants!
  4. I wouldn't stress about this, my status as said this since they received all my documents back in November!
  5. still waiting as well, and my application file was complete back at the end of November, lol. Also waiting for 4 Ontario law schools. But I've learned from the previous application cycles, the waiting process can be excruciatingly long - stretching on into the summer months.
  6. still waiting as well! I was referred to the admissions committee some time last week.
  7. Rejected yesterday. L2: 3.7 , completed an MA as well LSAT: 158 the toughest part was that I was waitlisted by Western last year, with the same stats and an LSAT score one point lower. Every cycle is truly so different. Best of luck to those still waiting.
  8. Same LSAT and a somewhat lower GPA than you, and also haven't heard anything from those schools (+Ottawa) Unfortunately this is my third time applying to law school and I'm getting more and more used to the incredibly slow admissions decisions (even more exacerbated by COVID)
  9. I don't think they weigh your cGPA too heavily. My cGPA is pretty tragic but I have a strong L2 and a sub-par LSAT and was waitlisted last cycle. I know that's not an acceptance but I really do think they prioritize your L2, and favour a strong upward trend. (I have friends who were accepted over previous cycles with lower cGPA's but strong L2's as well).
  10. In my opinion, the cycle isn't close to over... A significant amount of people get in even after the April deadline. For an L2 school like Western, you've got a solid shot! Try not to panic too much during the waiting process.
  11. As long as you inputted on OLSAS that you will be taking the January exam, OLSAS will obtain your score
  12. Also assuming this doesn't include graduate school credits? They don't specify whether it's only undergraduate grades (as most schools do).
  13. yeah I'm in the same boat! this is my first time applying to Dal so I've been stalking the forums. It seems like after getting that e-mail it's not too long (relative to other law schools) before a decision is made, which is kind of a relief/re-assuring. Best of luck to you as well
  14. I submitted and paid on November 5th, but not all application materials were received until November 17th. What about yourself?
  15. Just had a mini heart attack as I got an e-mail informing me that my application is complete and the assessment process has begun (despite including on my application that I am re-writing the LSAT in January). Even though I know it might not mean much, fingers crossed!
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