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  1. Wondering if any uOttawa students on here have had Professor Tenille Brown for Property Law in 1L? If so, would you be willing to share your summary/outline for the course?
  2. Thanks for this, definitely an insight to keep in mind!
  3. Hey all! Agreed - the fact that the internships are unpaid is a huge barrier. I've started saving for those expenses now and as others have mentioned, will also look into funding from my university or other options. Glad this post developed some lively debate.
  4. Friends, thank you so much! I will look into both of these opportunities
  5. Hello! I'm a 1L with a strong interest in refugee and immigration law and human rights law; my work + extra curricular involvements attest to it but I'm wondering else I can do to secure a UN internship. Does anyone have any advice or tips on securing a UN internship? Do you know anyone who has worked/volunteered/interned at the UNHCR? I plan on applying for a 2L summer internship, what can I focus on between now and then to strengthen my application?
  6. That's alright, thanks HappyJDstudent and good luck with your interviews!
  7. Thanks HappyJDStudent! Also wondering - I still may be contacted for an interview before March 2 or does not receiving a call on call day mean I am out of the game?
  8. Congrats to those who got a call for the SCJ legal research position! I am wondering if you received a confirmation of application submission when you emailed in your app. I'm pretty bummed I didn't get a call and am now wondering if they received my application because I never got a confirmation. Any insights?
  9. Are you guys referring to the SCJ legal research position?
  10. PFO from Blakes - Lakehead I have a question re grades, I only have two on my transcript for first semester for half year courses. I'm a little confused cause some have been mentioning midterm grades but how would you send those if they are unofficial?
  11. Access applicant currently in my first year at Lakehead (Bora Laskin)! I got accepted at Windsor and Lakehead, waitlisted at Uottawa and UBC, chose Lakehead and am SO happy with that decision. Stats were 3.47 OLSAS CGPA, 3 LSAT writes (149, 153, 156). I worked throughout undergrad + summers, have lots of research experience (aka strong research +writing skills), lots of EC's in and out of school and my reference letters + personal statement were strong. I applied in access, provided medical documentation, and explained my story in my personal statement. It took me 2 cycles to get an acceptance but if law school is something you really want, I'd say keep pushing and apply. From what I understand, the number of times you write the LSAT doesn't matter so long as you are improving. If you want to know more I'd be happy to help via private message.
  12. Re: Discretionary waitlist Hi friends, I spoke to admissions today to ask if there has been any movement on the waitlist. I was told that they sent out one offer to the person at #1 who accepted their offer so for now there isn't any movement unless someone drops their spot for some reason.
  13. Lmao same here..I'm still waiting as well, access applicant.
  14. Not surprised to receive a rejection this morning: 3.47 cGPA, 149, 153, 156, strong EC's and references. Filled out part B for a disability claim that addresses the dips in my GPA and first LSAT bomb.
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