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  1. oh yes that is true, my bad. i think queens is one of (if not the) only school which only asks for one though
  2. i only did this once and it was for a club where i was the general member for 3 years, then president for the last year. so i divided that into two entries.
  3. I'm pretty sure every school has a minimum of 2 reference letters
  4. Can someone confirm that if I requested my transcript from an ontario school, I don't need to follow up with them on this? I requested it like 3 weeks ago and it still says "send immediately" and it is making me nervous
  5. Ya like I'm a bit stuck because I'm not exactly repeating myself since I'm drawing on different experiences, but they all relate to the same club lol. Anyways, I'll play around with some ideas and see what I can do. Thanks for your help guys!
  6. You're saying it would be bad to talk about the same club in the questions? What if my other experiences don't relate as well to the question?
  7. Hi everyone, So I'm still trying to finish up my Windsor statement, but I've realized that I touch on the same volunteer experiences in all 4 questions (I draw on different elements of my role/different stories for each question though). Is this kind of repetition bad? The questions all seem very similar so I'm having a hard time not repeating myself.
  8. What are your current stats?
  9. wait where did u find this info? I'm scared now lol. But in my opinion you should be able to get in somewhere based off the stats from previous years. I can't imagine it will be THAT different. But I'm not an expert.
  10. I would advise you not to submit on the deadline day simply because if there is a technical issue and you can't get your applications in on time you will have to wait until Nov 2021 to apply lol
  11. This was definitely a tough question for me to answer too. I think usually you shouldn't talk too much about "why school X" since they know what programs they have and whether you would be a good fit based on your interests, but I think this question is a bit of an exception. I divided my answer into 2 paragraphs and explained a couple of the courses and experiential opportunities they have which fit well with my interests. I also tried to explain how my volunteer experiences would make me successful in the windsor community specifically, and in the legal field more generally.
  12. I mean I'm definitely not an expert haha. Just going off of what I've seen in the past
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