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  1. Yay congrats!!! Fingers crossed I'm not far behind u:)
  2. Rejected today. 3.3, 3.75, 158
  3. I'm still waiting! 3.3cgpa, 3.75 L2 and 158 lsat
  4. do you mean that ppl usually don't get off the waitlist for windsor?
  5. Waitlisted today cgpa 3.3, L2 3.75 LSAT 158 Pretty cool ECs I think. I have the same question as the poster above ^^ any idea if we have a decent chance of getting in?
  6. I am pretty sure you need to submit a new reference. That is what I did!
  7. Some schools do. I know dal will include you fall grades in your L2 calculation (so it ends up being "last two and a half years" lol). Other schools may not consider it in the official L2 calculation, but they will look at them when reviewing the application.
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