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  1. Hi everyone, OLSAS says that my transcript has been received from the fall 2020 semester, however these grades don't seem to be included in my overall OSLSAS GPA calculation. Will this be updated in the next little while? Or will OLSAS not include the grades in the calculation until the entire academic year is over? Thanks!
  2. The above comments are very fair actually haha^ I guess myself and the other RAs are a bit biased bc there isn't too much going on in residence during covid :')
  3. Hi ! I'm an RA rn, although I am currently in the final year of my undergrad. I know about 3-4 of the RAs at my school are law students actually. From what they've told me, it is manageable. I might be doing the same thing next year if I am accepted. If you have any specific questions lmk, but I'll just say that apart from being on-call sometimes, I only do like 3-4 hrs ish of RA work each week. I don't think it is very time consuming. The biggest issue I can foresee is that if you're placed in a loud residence, there may be a fair bit of noise in the evenings and on weekends which might impact your studying. It's such a huge cost saver though so I would seriously consider it!
  4. I emailed about reference letters a while ago. They told me that the system won't post the third letter but that they have it in their file. You could email to confirm but I wouldnt be worried:)
  5. Agreed. I'm seriously hoping for in person classes. I don't mind the mask so long as I'm in class with other students:)
  6. I actually did a bit of research on this because I was curious. When vaccines are made, they are designed to attack multiple parts of a virus. So even if this virus mutates, the vaccine will still be able to attack the non-mutated components of the virus. Mutations in viruses are very common- the seasonal flu is a prime example. As of right now (although things can certainly change), experts are anticipating that the vaccine should still be effective. Also, I am pretty convinced that wearing masks in public will the norm for the foreseeable future, even as the vaccine becomes more widely available. My guess is that they will be required in the fall 2021 term.
  7. okay haha. honestly they're all fine references anyways. i'm just stressing like most people rn i guess lol. thanks for the input:)
  8. So when looking at the Dalhousie application portal, I noticed that my first and second references were there, but not my third. I think my third reference submitted last, which may be why that letter is considered my third reference. However, I would prefer if her letter was one of the main two references since I feel that one would be the strongest. If the admissions committee always reads all three references, this is not even an issue. But I worry because the weakest of the three letters is considered "first" on my reference list. Should I ask them to switch the order of the letters? Or does it not matter? Sorry if this is a silly question lol
  9. at queens a full course load is 4 classes per semester, but at western it's 5. for queens, your course load won't matter since u have more than 5 courses. and i think the fact that you had more than 5 courses in second sem, (even though 2 classes were CR/NCR) will mean western will also use your fourth year in their L2 calculation. they prefer 5 courses but if you have less than 5 then they will look to see why. your situation is very understandable. if you have a 160+ lsat you should be in at both.
  10. haha wow sorry, meant to say "i submitted before u and i still haven't gotten an email" :')
  11. U submitted 3 days before u and still haven't gotten an email. nothing is updated on my dal portal either so dw!
  12. You do it the same way you uploaded your other transcript in November! I don't think it is required, but I'm pretty sure it's recommended, especially if you did well this term. I will definitely be doing it. I do have a follow up question though- does anyone know aprox when Fall transcripts are updated on olsas?
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