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  1. I have checked but they were very vague or did not touch on it at all. For example, in the uAlberta lawstudents.ca thread i've seen people mention their LOR as a deciding factor in their admission, but the UoA admissions page doesn't even mention it at all for general acceptance. I have found contractionary results on the internet too. I am hoping to hear from people recently admitted.
  2. Hi all, I've had some people tell me LOR's are very important for admission (also see people mention them during "chance me") but 7sage says uAlberta doesn't even accept LOR for regular entry and Saskatchewan says it's optional. I am very concerned about my ability to accumulate LOR's and EC's with covid-19 (no face-to-face with profs, my city isn't hiring). Assuming I am at the required LSAT/cGpa, will LOR even be considered? What happens if I don't have one??
  3. Hi y'all, I am a 2nd year Carleton student who is dead set on going to law school. My question is: will good law school such as UBC, McGill, or UAlberta view me as a less desirable applicant if I apply in third year, as opposed to fourth? I will also taking 2 summer courses and was wondering if they are weighed the same as regular fall/winter term ones. What are my chances of being accepted in my 3rd year based on these grades from each year? (3.75/3.84/3.78, 165 LSAT) I understand a completed degree would be better if I decide law school is not for me, but I can not take an extra year of living in Ottawa. I also have the option to switch my honours BA to a general BA if I am accepted. Cheers
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