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  1. Its not over until its over. I personally cannot give you great advice but i got my offer in may last year and im still in the same classes with those who got in earlier. Good luck!
  2. The windsor waitlist is notoriously long most years. Its not impossible but not as likely as some other schools . wishing you the best of luck!!
  3. Don't panic, they do acceptances right up until and including the first days of class
  4. Im just wondering if i am alone in this. I applied to numerous 1L summer positions and have not heard back from a single one (Im a 1L at an Ontario law school). A few of my classmates have secured positions so far and I anticipate more will share that happy news in the coming weeks. I have good midterm grades and have participated in a few law school extracurriculars. I guess I am just wondering if it's common to not have a legal related job in 1L or if it's me?
  5. I'm not sure anyone can answer this for you but it would seem to me that this question is asking more about you as a person as opposed to your accomplishments.
  6. Extra-curricular just means "not school" so I'm sure you could talk about your business
  7. I volunteered for my university in undergrad but they did not keep record and my only supervisors were other students. I put on my application that I did not have contact information for them but I got accepted anyways, so I can't imagine it's a make or break.
  8. Windsor is very holistic in their acceptances so predicting a decision on pure numbers is very difficult. They consider many factors other than just numbers.
  9. Windsor said they will make an announcement this weekend most likely. They indicated it may be a blended model
  10. I'm not sure there is any way to know for sure if the class is actually full aside from admin, but if it helps you the Facebook group has about 40 people in it right now with a couple upper years.
  11. I'm attending Windsor dual this year and the US classes start on August 24 with orientation being August 17-19. Also classes are all online so if you are accepted you wouldn't have to move for the fall semester at least. Good luck!
  12. I went to the u of a for my undergrad and I would 12/10 NOT reccomend living on campus. There are much better options off campus
  13. Rejected today as well, I expected as much. OLSAS cGPA: 2.95 L2: 3.35 LSAT: 158 EC: 3 years working at a small law firm, volunteer experience in my undergrad.
  14. Waitlisted today OLSAS cGPA: 2.95 L2: 3.35 LSAT: 158 EC: 3 years working at a small law firm, volunteer experience in my undergrad. I wonder if I have any chance of getting in before my dual acceptance becomes firm 😕 I'd prefer the single JD program
  15. I was waitlisted April 17 and have not heard anything since 😕
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