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  1. Thanks all! There was lots of really good info shared in this thread, especially about study groups and the benefit of being close to school/peers. I'll be moving in the fall, too.
  2. For those of you who have accepted your offers, are you moving in the fall? I'm from MB and trying to decide if it's 'worth it' to move even though the first semester is online.
  3. U of M residence just changed their policy this year to the 21+ rule. It used to be that in order to live in AVM one had to complete at least 8 months of post secondary, but this year they switched it to anyone over 21 is restricted to AVM. It seems arbitrary but if you decide to stay in residence you'll likely be thankful for the rule. PHR, UCR and MSH usually house first year students, and most (if not all) of the programming RA's put on is geared toward first year students. The assorted building councils are also really big on partying and promoting their socials loudly throughout the day. UCR especially is known for being rowdy. AVM in general is a quieter, more independent building, and grad students usually gravitate there anyways. Plus there's no mandatory meal plan.
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